Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
  1. ra990
    Hi all, after several months of enjoyment out of these, I've decided to move to planar magnetics. These have amazing sound stage and neutrality, but those planars have an impact that I can't resist. I've listed my 800S on the for sale forum, if anyone is interested.
  2. briant4pres
    ^ what amp were you using with your 800S
  3. ra990
    Initially I was using an ifi Micro Black Label, but recently switched to a Woo Audio WA8. Neither had a problem with the 800S, but the WA8 sounded better.
  4. briant4pres
    ya ull prob get better sound out of planars unless u upgrade to a megabuck tube amp the wa8 is pretty meh imo
  5. ra990
    Yep, which is why I'm going planar and listed the HD800S for sale on here and ebay. Great headphones and I'm sad about it, but I can't just keep collecting headphones - I'm running out of room (and money)!
  6. briant4pres
    what planars though that is question,

    he1000v2? susvara? abyss? LCD4?

    those are the only ones u could really make an argument that are better then the senns
  7. devilboy
    No. He said he wanted more impact. My LCD2F has over-the-top impact and would suffice for that. They couldn't touch my 800 in terms of accuracy and width, but everyone knows that.
  8. ra990
    Well I have the HE1000 V2 with me, bought those in hopes that they'd be what I was looking for. Even though they sound amazing and definitely have that impact I was looking for, they're not the best pairing with the WA8. I'm frequently turning it up to max volume and having to use software preamplification. I'm going to try the Edition X V2 next, which I hear pair really well with the WA8. Bit of a downgrade from the HE1000s, so I might end up keeping the 800s if it compliments the Edition X nicely. I'm also trying to bring this hobby back into an affordable range because I'm finding myself going down a dangerou$ path if I don't put some limits on it.
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  9. devilboy
    Is this for home listening or must it be a portable amp? I'm not knocking the W8 but....
  10. ra990
    Home, but I do like to move my set up around, from my home office to bedroom to balcony, etc. I love the WA8 for that and really like the sound. It sounds great with the 800s, have you tried it?
  11. devilboy
    No but I've heard good things.
  12. devilboy
    Just thought a dedicsted, higher end headphone amp might give u a better opinion.
  13. joseph69
    Sounds as if your issue is more amplifier related, rather than headphone related.
  14. ra990
    I don't really have an issue, I just want more low end impact and comparing the HD800S with high end planar magnetics in this regard, it's pretty obvious now that I've had a taste of it. I just got the Woo Audio WA8 recently. It works really well with the HD800S and HD650. The HD800S is definitely the winner when it comes to sound stage compared to the planars, but I like to switch it up every once in a while. It sounds lovely and I'm considering keeping it alongside the planar one. As far as the WA8 with the HE1000V2, yes it's underpowered, but I really like it and would rather get a more compatible headphone. I at least want to try it and see before considering other options.
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  15. Arniesb
    Not knocking your Wa8 but it is not optimal amp for He 1000 v2 or HD800S... That amp cant do justice to these Cans.
    I even dare to say that this amp is no better than low end tube amps...

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