Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
  1. devilboy
    So u chose the HD800S I assume?
  2. joseph69
    No, this was +/- couple of years ago when the Grado PS1Ke came out, which is the headphone I used my accumulated credit to buy, which I eventually sold. I purchased the 800S BNIB a couple of months ago from another H-F member.

    After borrowing the HD800/S +/- a couple ago as well I knew that I would eventually own on or the other, so when the opportunity for the 800S came along I bought them.
  3. casper3127

    Well, as a matter of fact I also own the D7000s, together with the HD800S and the LCD-X 2017 model. If I were to retire my Denons I would not definitely go for the Senns, I find the Audezes more on the sound the Denons are capable of come up with, being the LCD-Xs far superior to the sound the Denons offer. Both Senns and Audezes make a good complementary pair (IMHO), since they sound signature is that lovely but at the same time different.
    My recommendation would be to try these Audezes and see if you like they sound signature and are capable of withstand their weight... Another closed alternative for the AH-D7000s would also be the Sonys Z1Rs.
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  4. Ekul61
    if your looking for bass thump. The 800S wont work. I can see why many luv them. I just returned mine as the bass thump was just not there.
  5. devilboy
    True, the bass is not "fun" or deep on the 800S, but more accurate than most any other 'phone IMO.

    For critical listening, I'd go 800S all day.
    When I want to party with subtereanean bass, I'd look, Audeze.
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  6. Swiftfalcon
    Audeze bass and the entire signature...cloying. Hifiman bass is more tasteful.
  7. vlach
    I was wondering why no one suggested Hifiman. I have the HD800 and had the D7000. If you want to 'feel' bass the HD800 (which is oriented towards precision) will not fulfill you. I think Hifiman headphones split the difference between Audeze headphones (somewhat dark) and HD800s (somewhat lean) offering full bodied bass while sounding natural, organic, cohesive and grain-free.
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  8. casper3127
    Mmmmm...... I would not compare the bass and subbass slam the Denons can give you with that my HEXs V2 offer, for example. The HE400i for me, were "too dull" and the HE500 I could put them more on the "bright side".

    If I talk about Audeze, I'm only referring myself to the LCD-Xs, being these the most neutral cans this trademark's got on the market today. (Let's see how the MX4s really do...).
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  9. Dulalala
    Anyone have an update on the new earpad by Dekoni?
  10. claud W
  11. claud W
    That's a WyWires Platinum balanced headphone cable. It needs about 100 hours of break in to sound its best. Computer is playing House, EDM and Dubstep 24/7 on Jango internet station.
  12. devilboy
    @claud W...Nice setup.
    I listen to a lot of drum and bass. I used to own the 800. I plan on going to the "S" for classical and jazz but feel it would be way too lean for EDM. For that I use my LCD-2 Fazor. How do u like the 800S for electronic music?
  13. Whazzzup
    I like it just fine.
  14. claud W
    Since thats mostly what EDM is, So far so good. Its no Fostex TH 900, but what is?? I think it does bass as well as my Ethers. Not Basshead bass, but its there and it is very realistic and linear
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  15. Arniesb
    Agree, HD800S have enough bass to be not lacking. In my case with Violectric V280 it have plenty of rumble. Especially when eqed, then it can became hardest hitting open back by a large margin! Seriously HD800S have amazingly capable bass capable Driver and it especially shows when you eq it.
    I Dont think that EDM is that genre where eq can do any damage...

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