Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
  1. peter123
    Yes I've got the HD800S and V2+. While I find the amplifier in the V2+ to be great with the HD800S I do prefer to use it with my tube DAC over the built-in one when listening to them.
  2. hutzelmeier
    I have the 800S and V2+, and I absolutely love it. No sharpness at all. If the Burson is bright, then I think this nicely complements the 800S with its slightly recessed heights.
  3. peter123
    Yes I agree and I wouldn't call the V2+ bright either but I just prefer the slightly more body to the sound that my tube DAC offers.

    I don't find the highs on the HD800S rolled off though.
  4. devilboy
    That's great news. Don't get me wrong...I absolutely love my V2+. It's just that in the past I read a lot about how the 800 likes an nice tube amp like an OTL. I haven't read much about an 800 being driven by a Burson. All the while, I've kept saying to myself, "the V2+ is a great piece. They must sound nice together". I know the V2+ sounds wonderful as a DAC and preamp in my
    loudspeaker system.
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  5. hutzelmeier
    The V2+ has a great instrument separation, more "air around the instruments" than, e.g., the Conductor SL, and I think this perfectly fits the HD800S with their wonderful soundstage. Something I found for myself is that while working on the computer for long hours, I can listen at greatly reduced volume while still enjoying listening a lot, because all the different instruments and voices are so well separated in the soundscape. In that sense, the combo V2+ / 800S probably contributes to my personal health!
  6. devilboy
    I agree completely that the V2+ has great instrument separation and air. I also love it in my loudspeaker system and my buddy's system when I took it over his place. I've had the Soloist, the160D, and the original Virtuoso and I believe the V2+ is the best yet, no question.

    I've haven't driven an HD800 with a Burson yet, only with a Woo tube amp. All my Bursons (including my current one), drove an Audeze. Going by what you said, plus my overall opinion of the V2+, I think the HD800S will be a very nice compliment to the amp.

    Yes, we must take care of our personal health! Lol.
  7. ajreynol
    Hey guys, would anyone mind speaking to the bass response of the HD800S?

    I'm looking to retire my aging Denon D7000s and am used to an ample amount of bass for my music genres of choice (jazz, pop, hip-hop, electronic, primarily). I know these would be a solid upgrade in sound stage, mid and treble presentation over my V-shaped D7000 sound signature, but I know I ultimately won't be happy with them if bass thump is missing. I just won't be. I need to not just *hear* that the bass is there; I need to feel the bass too, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, I'm between these, some ZMFs, and a pair of probably-too-expensive Audeze's. I've heard great things about all of the cans I'm considering and in regard to the 800S's I've read reviews that said (1) the bass was great in the 800S, (2) that the bass was fairly light, and (3) that the bass is better than the original HD800...which is a pretty low bar to clear and a minimum sort of expectation given the HD800 was well-known to lack bass. Needless to say, that sort of variance in reviews leads to some confusion. Without a way to demo them, I have to rely on you guys. Hoping for honest feedback here, and ideally from someone with similar music genre preferences, as the perspective of someone who generally prefers *just enough* bass probably won't be a terribly useful impression for me (with great respect).

    Example tracks of bass that I enjoy feeling (if it helps):

    Any insight would be appreciated. Looking to make my final decision today. Also, if anyone else is here in south Florida (Boca Raton area) and knows where I could demo them, please let me know. Hearing them for myself would be greatly preferable, but it doesn't appear to be an option right now. Thank you in advance.
  8. FastAndClean
    the bass is less clean than HD800
  9. FastAndClean
    for that kind of music go planars
  10. devilboy
    I love electronic drum and bass and I also love movies through my headphones.
    For those, I use an Audeze LCD-2 Fazor with a Burson V2+ and LOVE it.

    I've owned the HD800 and yes, while the bass could be considered anemic (especially when compared to an Audeze), I do believe the bass to be more accurate than an a long shot.

    So, for my classical and jazz......HD800 (or S), but for heavy bass and fun.....LCD-something.
  11. ajreynol
    Understood. Thanks, guys!
  12. joseph69
    You can borrow the HD800S from here.
    It's simply the best way to evaluate a headphone in home for yourself.
  13. Swiftfalcon
    Bass on 800S mostly you hear a quick thud and feel a gentle rumble. I personally enjoy it. I feel the lean bass is well integrated into the sound signature. Bass guitars and keyboard bass show their presence as a warm support for the rest of the music. All this driven from the balanced out of Jotunheim.
  14. ajreynol
    Very interesting. Thank you for the tip.
  15. joseph69
    You're welcome.
    I borrowed almost every TOTL headphone from TCC, and then put the 5% from each borrowed towards my purchase of the headphone I enjoyed most. You really can't go wrong because your using your system, in your house, with your own ears.

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