Sennheiser HD800 Balanced AND Single Ended For Sale
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For Sale
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Up for sale is a perfect condition pair of Sennheiser HD800's. They are both balanced and single ended; I added a 4 pin Neutrik XX Series connectors inline with the stock cable so it can be used balanced or single ended, and yes, I know how to solder correctly :wink: So just to be clear, the original stock cable was cut right near the connector, and a Neutrik 4 pin male was installed on the HD800 end, and a Neutrik 4 pin female was installed on the end with the single ended original connector, as shown in the photo. They are just 2 years old this month, purchased from an authorized US dealer, are in perfect condition, and comes with everything as new. They have less than 100 hours on them. The box was not even used because I used a pelican case. The pelican case is not for sale because I know I'll buy HD800's again, and I don't want to cut the foam up ever again! They are SPOTLESS clean, as am I, and have only been used by me, only after a shower, their whole life. I will gladly email the buyer all the documents I have from Sennheiser on this serial number (22xxx). Sorry, no trades of any kind.
Terms: I don't have much feedback here, but my eBay username is: mp360cs, score is 965+, 100% positive over 15 years! I will ONLY take verified PayPal, you pay just insured shipping from NJ (07747) via UPS or USPS.
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