Sennheiser hd6xx

    The more I read about the HD600, 650 and 660 the more confused I am on which to buy.

    They will be used for listening to music and amateur radio. Right now I'm using the etymotic er4 iem and I like them a lot but I'd like to try headphones do to the better comfort.

    Can anyone give me any suggestions?

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  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The 300-OHm HD600/HD650/HD6XX really need to be used with a decent headphone amplifer, do you own such an amp?
    No, I will need to purchase one as well.
    Should I put a lot of stock in the THD specifications?
  5. Monsterzero

    What type of music are you into and how many hours per day are you planning on using them?

    I listen to everything from Sade to Slayer. Will be using them 3-4 hours per day. Thank you
  7. Monsterzero
    I have not heard the HD660,but I used to own the HD600 and currently own the HD6xx(same as 650).
    First thing,both will need an amp.
    Second both have fairly substantial clamping force which can cause fatigue after awhile.
    Both are fairly warm sounding,with the HD650 having a mid bass hump.Both are great headphones,but for them to reach the sound that has made them a legend a good tube amp is almost necessary IMO.You can drive them with entry level solid state Schiit gear I guess but it wont blow your mind.

    I would look into headphones that do not require an amp and more comfy...

    Fidelio X2
    Beyerdynamic DT880 32ohm
    Beyerdynamic DT990 32ohm
    Meze 99 Classic
    HiFiMan 400s

    If you are determined to grab a Sennheiser and are willing to spend the coin for a decent tube amp I would choose the HD650 over all the others I mentioned(with the Meze a close 2nd).You can also stretch out the Senns to lessen the clamp force by using books(Google it).

    For good tube amps the Darkvoice 336 is currently on Massdrop,heckuva deal.
    Thanks so much for all the info. This will be my first set of cans. I will look into the amp and phones you suggested.
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  9. Monsterzero
    No prob...If you decide to get the Darkvoice,jump on it fast as the drop doesnt last for more than a few days
  10. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Off the bat the HD600 will seem more similar to the ER4 since the HD650 has a stronger response below 1000hz than above it, however the HD600 has a peak at 3500hz. Initially that might make the midrange reproduction seem similar but that also means a little bit more sibilance when you crank up the volume. It also has an earlier bass roll off from a narrower and shorter bass plateau that, on top of the lack of isolation, can make the bass harder to hear.

    I'd go with the HD650 or HD6XX. In case you need more response above 1000hz you can always remove the foam cover between the drivers and the earpads. With the HD600 you'll have to apply EQ to the 3500hz peak or at minimum, try something like the Brainwavz HM5 earpads. I use my HD600 with the angled HM5 velours, trim the 3500hz peak, and also boost at 35hz to bring the low end up a little. I bought it in 2010 and not planning on replacing it, but of course if I was going to buy now and had the HD6XX as an option, I'd take the latter.

    HD6XX. Just remove the foam cover if you can't hear the cymbals, vocals, and lead guitar well on Slayer etc.
    Thanks for the help. I will let this soak in.

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