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Sennheiser HD6xx - Amp/Dac O2+ODac Vs Schiit Stack(Modi 2 + Magni 3)?


Which one is the best to pair with 6XX to get the best sound exprience in a great price?

  1. Schiit Stack(Modi 2 + Magni 3)

    12 vote(s)
  2. Desktop Objective2 with ODAC Rev B.

    9 vote(s)
  3. Other product that weren't mention.

    2 vote(s)
  4. Audio-GD NFB-11

    13 vote(s)
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  1. buke9
    Well haven’t heard it myself but someone that I loaned my Bottlehead Crack to said he understood why they called it Darkforce as it was very dark compared to the Crack. He did mod the Darkvoice by cutting out the pre amp out and said that it was close to the Crack after that but he has since dropped off of head-Fi and don’t know what he did. I could drop him a letter as I have his address if he is still living there but no promises on that. He looked at the schematic and saw what needed to be changed I do not have that ability.
  2. annasoh323
    Interesting poll. My coworker is waiting for his HD6XX from the latest drop as his Christmas gift to himself (he tried to get me to go in on it too but I missed the bus). I'm not sure what his full foster of equipment is. I know he has a Fiio E17 and that he also has guitar amp equipment. I know he was interested in the reviews saying the HD6XX's scale well with higher-end amps and I know he's got a soft spot for tube amps. I will inquire about what his intended setup is with his HD6XX's when they come in.
  3. vickie2006
    Yeah i think i don't want to spend 1000$+ for elcectrostat headphones,But good to know.
    Yes when i don't have other choice i will compromise with a local store in my country that sale the O2+ODAC BY JDS for 430$.
    In Audio-GD you covered for the first year with shipping inclueded, And their insane burn level make sure that everything will be okay.
    Hope so... I will ask the seller to check it before he ship it.
    When you say noise what do you mean?

    I will thought to buy tubes only if it will be on sale, and when the estimate shipping+VAT price is reasonable.
    Yeah but i use low impdance amp or low impedance headphones(until 150) and plug directly it should be fine.
    As i understand it is not intended to be use with high impedance dac,But as high quality dac with a cheap price that can be used with phones, and doesn't require high cost DAC player.
    I think it can drive with higher quality songs (when it plug to your phones as a source) than the xudoo x1 and most of the portable dacs.
    I know i saw it comes build, but still everything that inside is open, and all of the plugs looks weird.
    And it is only a amp(As i understand) in that price i would preffer to but the magni 3.
    About the tube as i say i will only consider it, when it will be in sale or cheap price, that worth to import it to my country.

    The E17 look nice, But i don't think it will have the the half of the power that desktop amp/dac have, And especially when we speaking about the 6xx.
    In this price range i would consider a dap like CAYIN N3 or the Shanling m2s.
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Well there's a Stax bundle (electrostat headphone and Class A amplifier) for quite a bit less than that. $700 I think. It still seems expensive but considering it comes with an electrostat amp (rather than a converter for using the output of a speaker amp), that's a good deal. Not saying you should get it, but just making sure that when people say that an amp "practically any headphone," the reason why that isn't absolute is because electrostats are excluded.

    Electronic noise, something USB is particularly vulnerable to. It can be a ringing, it could be coil whine if you're using a gaming PC with a problematic GPU, etc.

    One easy example - hook up your earphone to your smartphone and max the volume, nothing playing. If you hear some kind of whining or any noise at all, that's electronic noise.

    You're completely missing my point about it that is specific to your situation.

    1. If its output is a headphoone amplifier output by itself, as opposed a line output for a separate headphone amp, then on top of it being totally dependent on USB power you're more vulnerable to noise. If you get noise, then you'll buy a different DAC, and this time import it...congratulations, you spent money twice over.

    2. If its output is a line out for a separate headphone amplifier, but you still get noise because it's USB, you'll have to get the DAC, which you could have shipped along with the amp or picked up a good DAC-HPamp in one go...congratulations, you just spent money twice over.

    3. Impedance of the headphone isn't the main problem but the sensitivity/efficiency. The only time impedance is really a problem is if you have voltage limited output (which is more likely when the power source is 5v, like USB) driving a high impedance headphone (you can get loud, but you might not like the sound if it comes out seemingly "lazy" or "too laid back").

    4. If you don't like the sound of a headphone with a low power DAC-HPamp, then at this point it's not easy to tell if your headphones are being held back or you really just don't like the sound of the headphone. Either way, whether you change the headphone or the DAC-HPamp, congratulations, you'd be spending money twice over. Thrice if you don't like the result and change both. As opposed to being more or less sure the headphone isn't limited by what's driving it and we can be certain it's the headphone that you need to replace.

    Basically what I'm saying is going too cheap at the start with the wrong components for the wrong use case, and in your case also shipping, import fees, time, no opportunity for returning items that aren't DOA, etc, are concerns, you'll end up spending more in the long run if they don't work out.

    Also, where did you get 150ohms from? I thought you were looking for an amp for an HD6XX, which is 300ohms? It's the new, more expensive (ie, still MSRP) HD660S that's 150ohms, or the HD700.

    What's weird about the "plugs"? They're not even plugs, they're sockets. They're the exact same type of sockets on every amp out there, if not the exact same sockets, on the RCA input and TRS headphone output.

    If you're referring to the power cable plug, you can probably ask for whatever plug is used in your country. Schiit has pull down options for that when you order for example.
  5. vickie2006
    @ahmadfaizadnan @Renato Fury
    Hello guys, thank you for your help, back then.
    I decided to purchase the nfb 11.28 TCXO from distributor in netherland,Because his extended warranty and good customer support.
    The final price without vat is 412usd , hope not to pay extra.
    But still my power to continue the reserch for 70 usd isn't worth it.
    Every product that import to my country is expensive, JDS o2+ODAC cost in my country 425 usd, sooo.
    The seller ship the product, and now just wait, for both the 6xx and nfb.
    Thanks guys for making this much easier to me.
    Panimation likes this.
  6. YJX94
    Lol you went 2 steps above and got something better than both. Congratulations, the NFB-11 might just be all you'll ever need in an all in one unit.
  7. buke9
    Hope you like it as all the Audio GD stuff I’ve heard has all been good.
  8. vickie2006
    With 10 years of warranty for parts, your right, a long term investment.
    Hope so, they are special company.
    Just thought, if i didn't post in head-fi, i never thought or else heard about them.
  9. ahmadfaizadnan
    I never heard about them too until I join head-fi :ksc75smile:
  10. Renato Fury
    There is one more Amp/Dac for you to add to that list, the R2R 11, it is also from Audio-GD and has the same construction and features as NFB 11.28, it has a signature more pro-warm rather than neutral brother, and that is what I intend to buy precisely because of this characteristic.
  11. ahmadfaizadnan
    I have a friend that own R2R 11 and most of the time, he prefer mojo over it. He said that mojo delivers better clarity and has a better synergy with his can (modded M1060). I never heard the R2R 11 myself so not sure how it different from Mojo.
  12. Renato Fury
    But it's already a matter of taste, NFB 11.28 offers more clarity while the R2R 11 offers more musicality, the Chord Mojo it costs $ 180 more, so it is to be expected that it is better than both.
  13. ahmadfaizadnan
    That's probably true. The only reason he get the R2R 11 is to try a ladder dac.
  14. vickie2006
    Ladder dac?
  15. ahmadfaizadnan
    aka multibit
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