Sennheiser HD6xx - Amp/Dac O2+ODac Vs Schiit Stack(Modi 2 + Magni 3)?


Which one is the best to pair with 6XX to get the best sound exprience in a great price?

  1. Schiit Stack(Modi 2 + Magni 3)

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  2. Desktop Objective2 with ODAC Rev B.

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  3. Other product that weren't mention.

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  4. Audio-GD NFB-11

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  1. vickie2006
    Yeah but it look like this product have a great output, otherwise all the reviews were saying the same as you.
  2. buke9
    Most of the time you get what you pay for just saying.
  3. Renato Fury
    I do not know why you're talking about Audio-GD website being total trash, anyway, are you going to buy which product ?
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If you're in the USA I haven't heard of import taxes on anything but certain products like alcohol, or anything illegal. I use our US address when I buy online, even if the product comes from China, all because Customs here follow an outdated price law that has a lot of wiggle room for their interpretation. Like buying ten capacitors or six chips counts as "retail volume" even when those aren't even all the capacitors or chips that go into a single amplifier.

    If you're in the EU I'd much rather spend on Meier or Violectric and help a company with a design team there than blow the extra cash on taxes.

    That is a very different product vs the AudioGD NFB-11.

    For starters, it's USB powered. Being dependent on USB it will be limited to 1) what USB version compatibility and hardware specs of the motherboard/device can deliver, and in turn limit the amount of power it can spit out, and 2) it doesn't have all the input and output options of the NFB-11. It can't deliver the same amount of power in terms of both current and voltage, and it has only one USB input and one headphone output vs USB and 2x SPDIF digital audio inputs plus the option to output from a discrete headphone amplifier circuit running off a large power supply surrounded by fat capacitors, a variable preamp output that runs through its potentiometer for a speaker power amp or amplified speakers, or a fixed level line out direct from its DAC to a separate speaker amp or a headphone amp (ex if you get an electrostatic headphone, it needs a very different kind of amp with very high voltage output, which is why Stax usually sells the amp and headphone bundled together).
  5. vickie2006
    I live in israel so it doesn't matter where it come from eu or china the same Tax.
    And as i say it has a very high taxes rate.
    34.6% of the product value its insane.
    But still the question is: is it still worth it for 460$?

    I can suffer less outputs for this low price.
    I only need to drive my hd 650.
    So if i plug the hifimediyi with a nice amp, order it separately, i will pay, less tax and less money.
    But the main question is can it reach a better quality than the schiit and the mayflower?
    I don't think i will have a problem with the amp, otherwise they will say that it can support only low impedance amps.

    Last edited: Oct 20, 2017
  6. Renato Fury
    Do you only pay 34.6% of the value of the product? Here in Brazil we pay 60% plus some other taxes and with the dollar costing three times more than the real which is our currency, so consider yourself lucky. But why did you decide to buy NFB 11.28, what can offer you that others can not?
  7. vickie2006
    It is my max budget, and as you read all the review about it and how they say that it is better the schiit jut, you understand its more than a dac/amp.
    Which comapny do 100 burn-in with checking before send you the product?
    I still didn't decide but this is the main product that really intrersts me.
    WOW 60%, it really outrageous.
  8. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    As something that will drive practically any headphone you throw at it barring electrostats and really old, low efficiency planars, yes.

    But check what's locally available. If the Fiio K5 is available there for under $200 then just get whatever other USB DAC that store might have for aroound the same price.

    High impedance isn't as much of a problem as low efficiency with low power (like if the amp circuit can only utilize USB power) or high output impedance with low impedance loads. It would have to be a circuit that has bad voltage delivery to be a problem, although in many cases it's only relative, an the high sensitivity of most high impedance cans will compensate. it would have to severely drop voltage performance or pile on distortion to be a problem. That said, it doesn't take that much more money to get something that won't be a problem with anything, like the Magni3 or NFB-11.

    As for using the HiFiMeDIY as a DAC, check if its output is a 2v line output and not a an amplified headphone output.
  9. Renato Fury
    Jot is not inferior, it's only more expensive, but do you want the NFB 11.28 just because of the 100 hours of burn-in that the company does? That's what you can do for me, the only advantage of it is the ability to switch between the headphone and speakers without disconnecting the headphone, but if you just want a pro 650 HD amplifier then I also recommend the Bottlehead Crack, they say that these two have an incredible synergy.
  10. vickie2006
    Don't understand a thing, What do you mean by "barring electrostats and really old"?
    If i buy a dac i will get the modi 2 it is better the the fiio, in specs.
    Yeah but 99$ amp and 200$ amp, aren't the same in sound quality.
    As i understand the voltage delivery have a big part of the sound quality, otherwise, why should people look out and buy tube amps.
    For the HifimeDIY, i don't know, they only say: "Normal line level output (2Vrms) when connected to amplifiers/preamps."
    100 hours, it is just a work certifcate for me that this is a really serious proudct, But this amp/dac specs are amazing, the option to change between sources it is just an addon and not the main reason to buy this product.
    About the bottlehead crack, The made ready made, because as i see they only give a DIY packages.
  11. buke9
    The barring electrostat’s is meaning they need a special amplifier to run them and sometimes not really a amp but we are getting too deep in the weeds for your application. A Modi2 will probably be better than most Fiio’s I make this disclaimer as I have not heard all of them. 2 volts is a very good output for a pre amp out and would be good for powered speakers but not passive.
    I have tube amps because I love the sound doesn’t mean it is all warm and syrupy but most do have great soundstage and dynamic response depends on the amp.
  12. Renato Fury
    You could take a look at the amplifiers of Garage1217, I plan to buy the Project Polaris because it has a component that emulates the harmonic distortion of a tube even though it is solid state, not counting the switching options of impendancia that goes from earphones to headphones of 600OHM, six types of gain and a kind of equalizer that can tame the higher frequencies, it is worth just giving a check.
  13. vickie2006
    Sorry man looking for something more stable and build, all the diy staff make me confused :/
    That why i didn't decided to look for the bottlehead crack. Not for me.

    What is your opinon about DarkVoice 336SE?
  14. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Older planar headphones have very low sensitivity/efficiency. The NFB-11 barely has enough power for those. Newer planars are getting higher and higher sensitivity/efficiency.

    Electrostatic headphones need an altogether different amplifier design that has a very high voltage output. You can't use dynamic driver and planar headphones on an amplifier designed for electrostat headphones.

    Yeah but you don't want to spend more paying individual import costs and shipping, so I'm saying check how much those are from local dealers rather than have to get a good DAC with a cheap amp, or a DAC that doesn't even have a line stage output.

    It does but you were looking at the HiFiDIY, and I'm not sure about whether its circuit is a pure line out or passes through an amp output stage. Worst part is it's dependent on USB power, unlike the Modi2Uber and AudioGD NFB-11, which even if you'll use it with a separate amp, it's still more likely to pick up noise And for someone like you that has concerns about shipping costs and import taxes, if you do get noise with these, then you'll just have to go spend money again.

    NFB-11 has a +10volt output peak. That's already enough to get hearing damage when used with the HD6xx series.

    Also, the tube amps with really high voltage output for the money are OTL designs that really focus on voltage and not so much on current, the cheap SE OTLs don't have that much more voltage compared to the NFB-11 (and the Violectric amps push out more than double that voltage) while not having any real current performance, meaning you can't really use these cheaper tube amps on low impedance headphones unlike the NFB-11 that will work with anything but electrostats and older planar headphones.

    As long as that's a non-amplified line out then that spec alone isn't a problem - 2v is the standard line output voltage.

    What is a potential problem is how it's completely dependent on USB power. If the USB port you use it with has noise, it's more likely to go through. If it has power delivery issues, that DAC won't even run, or not properly.
  15. Renato Fury
    But the amplifiers of the Garage1217 can be purchased already built, and all the comments from the buyers highly praised the quality of construction and especially the sound, which are the two most important things ... For me at least, regarding the Darkvoice 336SE I was told was a decent amplifier but the quality of construction is questionable, there is even a video that shows smoke coming out of it, hence between him and the Little Dot MK3, I was recommended Project Ember 2, also from Garage1217.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
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