Sennheiser HD6xx - Amp/Dac O2+ODac Vs Schiit Stack(Modi 2 + Magni 3)?


Which one is the best to pair with 6XX to get the best sound exprience in a great price?

  1. Schiit Stack(Modi 2 + Magni 3)

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  2. Desktop Objective2 with ODAC Rev B.

    8 vote(s)
  3. Other product that weren't mention.

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  4. Audio-GD NFB-11

    12 vote(s)
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  1. Panimation
    I feel you...I'm in the exact same boat as you deciding on what is the "best". They all offer something different, which just makes it so much harder.
  2. Renato Fury
    Well, on the site it says that the TCXO update is a minimal improvement, but for the yes and no I think it's worth getting it to not have that weight in the conscience for wondering how much the upgrade could or could not improve the sound quality if you do not include it in the purchase, but keep Amareno USB.
  3. vickie2006
    Yeah this is the place for everyone who just enter the audio world.
    Doesn't have any audiophile friends.
    And just wanted the best product with a price that doesn't break your wallet.
    I never thought i come this far that i want to spend 380$ for an amp and dac.
    Welcome to the audio world, please open your wallet when you enter.
    Yeah your'e right.
    As you say 20$ to remove that thought what could have been if i were upgraded it.
  4. buke9
    There probably is no best just what you prefer. Go with measurements if you like but it does not tell the whole story of what a dacsounds like and then such a hard thing to say witch is better.
  5. buke9
    Sorry but audiophile and not breaking your wallet don’t go too much together. You can still get by though. Just depends on the pain you want.
  6. Renato Fury
    It's not difficult for you who has already tested everything and already has enough experience to know what you like.
    I even took almost 1 year to know what I wanted, unfortunately I can not test anything because here in Brazil, audiophilia is practically non-existent and there are no shops and events where you can test equipment, but if you live in the United States, try going to this event called CanJam, there you can find out what is best for you.
  7. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    The Element is Class A/B amp so for its size it makes a lot more power than a Class A amplifier of the same size. Class A are relatively inefficient, but they won't have crossover distortion when switching over to Class B.

    NFB-11 runs in Class A. For its size, not that much more power than the Element, but due to inherent inefficiency, a lot of the size is more for taking in more power and then dissipating waste heat. The Element is a good Class A/B design, but inherently Class A has lower distortion and noise (there are of course badly done Class A amps out there).

    AFAIK if you're getting shipped a replacement for a faulty unit they pay for the shipping.

    And like a deep web site, people going there to buy aren't looking for anything like a nice corporate website.

    Unlike a deep web site though there's nothing illegal in there.
  8. vickie2006
    So the main advantage, of the element it the size and compact?

    Yeah i know. But only for the first year.
    That make me thought how to send a faulty product after the first year, in the cheapest and safest way.

    Of course i know the difference between deep web and this site.
    But still why the chinese like this design.
    I saw bunch of chinese site and most of them have a style like this with a poor english translation.
    In this case Kingwa know english :)
  9. Renato Fury
    I wanted to ask a question about dacs, the schiit Gungnir for example, if it is combined with a more modest amplifier under 100 dollars, can it be harmful to the sound or is it the opposite of that? Just to warn that my question is not based on anything, it's just a question, even because I intend to buy a dac more expensive than the amplifier and headphone.
  10. ahmadfaizadnan
    I pair my magni 3 with spring dac level 3 and it sounds awesome still. Most of the dac signature still retain and I assume that the magni 3 is utilized to the max. No harm but a better sound instead out of the magni 3.
  11. Renato Fury
    I plan to buy the Schiit Bifrost Multibit ($ 600) and combine it with Project Polaris ($ 290) but I do not know what kind of effect a more expensive dac could have on the sound, but it's good to know that it improves, so thanks. :jecklinsmile:
  12. ahmadfaizadnan
    Don't worry about it. Most people get a better (more expensive usually) amp first before better dac because amp has its own distinct tonality and character. While dacs improve the soundstage, separation, clarity etc.., sometimes the different is not distinct to others like amp.
  13. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Practically, yes. And whether you like having a large knob on top vs on the front panel.

    They just don't care as much. Think of the differences between fast food sandwiches. Barring pastrami joints in NYC and cheesesteak in Philly (and not even as much with Banh Mi in California), there has to be a huge, recognizable icon like golden arches or a crown. In China (and many other places in Asia, and mostly to the South and Southeast than east) you just walk around and there's a joint with a steamer visible from the street and you judge where the best bao is by which one has the longest line, not by which ones don't have worn out chairs. For that last bit specifically, in Asia it's seen as "too busy and too disruptive to the community's routines to remodel" rather than "not making enough money to remodel." Although one other aspect of the food example is that they think that if they got that far with crap furniture and bowls, those items must be lucky, unlike how in the West they would have just kept a few items and put them in a display shelf by that point (Japan's concern for how things look avoids a lot of that, but you still find very plain, early 2000s looking websites for smaller audio brands).

    And it has a lot to do with the main crops. The reason why Asian culture is more communal and, to an individualistic society seems to be even lemming-like (which is a problematic one considering lemmings don't actually do what people think they do), is because of how labour-intensive rice is. Even within China the southern parts which barely farms wheat is markedly less individualistic than in the north. This contributes to the "follow the long line" mentality with picking food or buying gear, ie, there isn't literally a line, but if enough people use it and were willing to pay for it despite what might look like a deterrent, then that's enough.

    It's not that they actually like that design. They just don't give as much of a hoot for that part of the overall marketing strategy, same way that guy in unremarkable clothing being able to sell an idea to millions he met while walking - ex like that guy who said he was the reincarnated brother of some carpenter from 2000 years ago, or that one other guy whose name is forever associated with The Long March, in caps - will be exponentially more effective as his train grows vs a guy who has just shown up in a shiny scale armour on a horse wearing the same but has only a handful of bodyguards and scholars following him.

    More info here
  14. vickie2006
    That very intersting man never thought about it that way.
    Amazing research, never thought to look how the crop defines the culture, society communication and a way of life.
    So people after a deep research and talking with kingwa i'm still wanting to know if it is worth it and it is the option that i can get for the price.
    Becuase i forgot that i have to pay full taxes, that make the product much expensive(add to the full price 380$ between 70-120USD).
    So i thought about that twice, and today i show the specs of the NFB-11.28 to a friend of mine, and he show me a nice product that have the same way selling like Schiit, Mayflower and audio-gd, but his price are much much lower than everyone.
    Ive never heard this company before, but as it look they are have a-lot of fans that praise their products.
    The company is HiFimeDIY, chinese also, that sell the same chip that in NFB-11 for 52$(included shipping) so the main question is if i pair this with the magni 3 or other amp, is it worth it?
    How they make it so cheap? this chip included in 700$ systems.
    Links:Main Site, Head-fi, Ebay and amazon.
    They now working on sabre 9038PRO chip.
    Do you know anything about the product compare the NFB-11.28?
    Is it really stil worth it to buy the nfb-11.28 for 450$?
    @Renato Fury
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2017
  15. buke9
    A digital chip is just that a digital chip but we hear in analog so it depends on the analog output of a dac that means the most. You can have the best chip on the planet but if the analog output is crap doesn’t mean much. The chip doesn’t mean much if the analog output is not on par.
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