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Sennheiser HD6xx - Amp/Dac O2+ODac Vs Schiit Stack(Modi 2 + Magni 3)?


Which one is the best to pair with 6XX to get the best sound exprience in a great price?

  1. Schiit Stack(Modi 2 + Magni 3)

    12 vote(s)
  2. Desktop Objective2 with ODAC Rev B.

    9 vote(s)
  3. Other product that weren't mention.

    2 vote(s)
  4. Audio-GD NFB-11

    13 vote(s)
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  1. vickie2006
    Hello Everyone,
    Thanks god that let me joined the 6xx drop, now i'm searching for the right Dac and Amp to juice up the headphones to the best sound quality i can get from them, in a reasonable price.
    So i look in the internet, and it weren't so much hard to see that most of the people speaking and recommend this two products by companies, that made every product, hand made with one ideal "To make A Great and a clear Sound, Simple product without bull****, and in reasonable price".
    So i still didn't decided which one is the best for me.
    Zeus reviews confuse me, and i just wanted to know:
    What are the difference?
    What are each product, pros and cons?
    Which one is the best to pair up with my hd 6xx?
    Are there other options that i should look up to, for my 6xx?
    Thank for your help :dt880smile:

    P.S My laptop is Win10, I heard that some of the product, have compatibility problem with win 10.

    EDIT: ive added Audio-GD NFB-11, after deep looking in this product.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
  2. cossix
    The Schiit Stack is (apparently) a little warmer than the "outrageously transparent" O2 + ODAC combo. In reality, they're both amazing setups. I own the Schiit Stack and the only fault I could find was the power switches being on the back, which is annoying if you want to put them in a tight space and can't reach behind, and don't want to buy a 2 plug switched power outlet. I think either setup would serve you well but since the Magni 3 just came out and is IMO easily the best $100 amp on the planet, I would say get the Schiit Stack. It's currently the best value in my eyes. The 6xx is a great headphone and is driven plenty well by the Magni 2/3
  3. YJX94
    They both sound very similar and they'll both power the HD 6XX easily. Get whichever one is cheaper.

    The O2+ODAC was designed as a middle finger to more expensive dacs and amps out there, that being said a Schiit Stack isn't expensive at all.

    A Modi 2 Uber and a Magni 3 are $99 each and an O2+ODAC from Mayflower's website is only $99.

    I'd get the O2+ODAC.

    Get the Schiit Stack however if you're planning on adding more sources in the future because it has more inputs.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2017
  4. Renato Fury
    I do not like the schiit battery because of the impression that the amplifier or the dac that is on top will fall at any moment, it may be paranoia of mine but if I bought it I would use this RCA adapter from the photo below, it would surely leave both well firm.
  5. ahmadfaizadnan
    If you could push for modi multibit, that would be even better :ksc75smile:
  6. vickie2006
    Thanks everyone for your fast respones :)

    Thanks for the detail answer, What do you mean by "outrageously transparent"?
    Furthermore, I try to look in their funny website, and the differences between 3 and 2 is:
    • One model. There’s only one third-gen Magni, and it’s $99.
    • Totally different gain stage. Magni 3's fully discrete, fully complementary, current feedback gain stage is completely and totally different than the previous Magnis. The previous amps’ discrete Lin-style topology was a conventional voltage-feedback design.
    • Power supply. We kept the 21VA transformer and higher capacitance of the former Uber model.
    • Better cosmetics. The aluminum top is standard.
    • Faster shut-down. the muting circuit now acts instantaneously on shutoff.
    • Improved potentiometer curve. we tweaked the potentiometer to have a slower ramp from minimum volume, which improves tracking at low volumes.
    What does it mean when he say that the "magni 3's fully discrete, fully complementary, current feedback gain stage is completely and totally different than the previous Magnis"?
    Does it work different from the the O2?

    Thank you man for the answer.
    I try to look in their website and the O2+ODAC doesn't cost 99$, otherwise my decision was much easier.
    The only 99$ product that cost that much is their headphone amp only, without the odac, Link.
    Which one you found for 99$?

    Wow man this RCA adapter look amazing, its 20$, but it is look good.
    What are the difference between this and other RCA Cable?
    Does it improve the sound or just to make sure that everything is tight and don't move?

    Thanks man for the advice but 249$ for a dac, it is little bit expensive, and if want to spend that much, i were look up for the jotunheim.
    What are the differences between the modi's?
    It is so much
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
  7. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Magni3 has waaaaaaay more power, O2 has waaaaaaaay less noise.

    However you're probably more likely to use the added power of the Magni3 if you upgrade the headphones than hearing noise vs the O2.

    There are also O2+ODAC single box desktop units, or you can use the separate box versions. Either way, the Magni3 already comes with preamp output for powered speakers (or a power amp driving speakers), but not all O2+ODAC have the RCA ports at the rear can do that (usually just an output direct from the ODAC or input direct to the O2; JDS Labs I think can run them through the potentiometer).

    I'd go with whichever you can get cheaper at your location, unless you can spend a bit more and get something better than both.

    AudioGD NFB-11 if you can spend that much. Or wait for something else on Massdrop.

    The Schiits aren't even powered by a battery, let alone how the battery affects physical stability and how that RCA adapter is in any way related to running off a battery.
  8. cossix
    The Multibit is in another class than the Modi 2 and Uber. The Uber just adds inputs for the most part, while the Multibit is a completely different design and apparently sounds much better than the other two.

    As for that RCA bridge, you won't get much extra sound quality at all, it's just a cool way to connect amp and DAC without having ugly wires sticking out. Even PYST cables which are only a few inches long, stuck out quite a bit
  9. vickie2006
    Wow man i didn't know about this product, i look for it in the internet, and saw DMS3 review this.
    And iv'e never saw him so excited,Furthermore, someone ask him in the comment how this compare the o2 + Odac, and he tell that is x8 more better.
    I saw many videos by DMS3, and i know it is hard to impress him, VERY HARD.
    So can you give me more details about this product?
    How this compate the new version, the AudioGD NFB-12?
    What are their warranty rules and customer service?
    AND WHY FOR GOD SAKE THEY DIDN'T UPGRADE THEIR SITE, why chinese like this design? Were in the 2017.
  10. Renato Fury
    I know they do not run the battery, when I write "stack" the google translator translates as "battery", but I was just referring to the stability of this combo, the impression I have is that the top part will drop if in the case time to pull the cable or when connecting and disconnecting the plug, but with these RCA connectors the amplifier and dac stand firmly together.
  11. Renato Fury
    Also has the JDS Labs Element, I have not used it particularly but I've seen a lot of people praising them, I think it's worth giving a check:
  12. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Ah that clears it up...and I think I know what Google thinks of as stack(ed) batteries.

    Which tells me what Skynet is up to. (Hint: We're all gonna die)

    Lots more info here:

    Current NFB-11 since 2014 or so replaced the NFB-12. There was an NFB-11 before that, then the NFB-12, then they replaced that with the NFB-11.xx.

    There are some comparisons in the thread linked above but I got to try the older NFB-11 and NFB-12. Practically sounds the same. A few differences here and there but I can't be sure unless I've had them both at home longer. Otherwise solid performance.

    That's the problem part - you have to ship the item back, they diagnose, if they determine it works properly, they ship the same unit back. If they find it faulty they ship you a new one.

    Two guesses:

    1. Primary market is China and the buyers there don't give a hoot. (Meier's website looks early 2000s still but people still buy them - I'd get another one if I can't get my blown Cantate fixed, which I'm sure was due to the power at my house)

    2. They keep expenses down, they haven't realized Wix is a thing (because they probably don't seee Carlie Kloss on YouTube because Commie censors are all over their internet) and still think that you have to hire a webmaster and pay huge bucks for site hosting.

    Probably both.
  13. YJX94
    This is the one I was talking about for $99 on Mayflower's website:-


    EDIT: Hmm this is weird, when you click buy on that page it redirects you to a bunch of units and none of them are $99.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
  14. Renato Fury
    Hum ... Reference to one of my favorite movies, and you're also a gamer, apparently you're young like me, unlike some seniors here on the site who already have adult children like @buke9 or @DavidA for example. :k701smile:
  15. vickie2006
    As i told you, man the combo version is 249$, as i say it will much easier decision if it were only 99$...

    If i will spend that much, i would preffer to buy the Audio-GD NFB-11.
    But thanks for the offering man.
    By the way what are the differences between them?

    Yea, they give you 10 years of warranty, but they only pay for the shipping for the first years after that you pay for both of them the shipping to and back.
    Wandering what are the warranty rules of Schiit and mayflower, i saw schiit gives you 5 years of warranty, but do they pay for the shipping?

    For me it is look like a deep web site, But because this authorized, bought by many headfier's and DMS3 make a very positive review, so it make the purchase more special.
    And when you hear their product testing your like, WOW.
    I think it is one of the best work places to work, hearing to music all day, and checking goods.

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