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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. god-bluff
    Wouldn't know sorry never listened to it
  2. Beagle
    So what happened?
  3. Madmollusk
    When it comes to those crazy upper-registers, I suppose we all have different sensitivities and vulnerabilities. I used to absolutely love the Hifiman He400, but the 10k treble spike not only caused my tinnitus but also, in time, a mysterious earache that lingered for many months.
  4. kman1211
    Yes we do. It's not always obvious, it could also be more of a sound texture or sound fidelity thing than the the actual tuning causing the fatigue or simply bad system pairings. I understand that. Never gotten tinnitus thankfully but definitely have gotten earaches and uncomfortableness from certain headphones. I loved the Hawks comfort and fit, but the listening fatigue slowly killed it to me, never really found it muffled or anything like that though. One reason I'm excited about the HD 660S is because there is a very high chance it causes me no fatigue based on past experience with higher-end Sennheisers and the tuning it has. I was honestly was wary of Tesla Beyers at first, was so worried they would fatigue me due to all the complaints about the treble, but it turned out I adored their treble response and it didn't bother me at all. Being gifted the DT 1770(first Tesla I owned) after owning the Nightawks for so long was like a dream to my ears, all the fatigue and irritation dissipated basically instantly, my ears finally relaxed.
  5. Madmollusk
    Based on my positive experience with the HD650, I'm hoping the same.
  6. Tuneslover
    I like my Beyerdynamic DT1350 like you like your HD25.
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  7. Nautrachkfriend
    Well I hopped on the hype train (choo choo!!!) and ordered a pair of HD660S.

    I will give some feedback and comparisons when I get them! :)
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  8. Paddy
    I'm really keen to hear back reviews from these headphones. I have both the HD650 and HE 400i and the HE 400i beat the HD 650. What is most noticeable is the HE400i are more airy and I feel the soundstage is so much wider and every instrument can be delicilately heard while the HD650 felt more like a closed headphone compared to the HE400i. I keen to hear if there is a difference with the HD660
  9. Paddy
    Also I can't find where I can purchase them?
  10. koven Contributor
    You can purchase from Sennheiser website.
  11. Pedro Oliveira
    No more impressions? :) wasnt there peoplebwho were receiving their hd660ss on last friday and today?
  12. pietcux
    We are all waiting for your review. I am still enjoying mine. To me they are still a milestone.
  13. Pedro Oliveira
    I havê no way of buying them for now. Hope amazon gets them soon.... :/
  14. Schwibbles
    I had a chance to hear Jude's pair at a local meet on Saturday. I only listened for a few minutes since there was so much to listen to. The room was fairly noisy just from how many people were there

    To me, it sounded a lot like the bass and lower midrange of the HD650 with the upper midrange and treble of the HD600; strictly in terms of quantity.
    Resolution and instrument separation seemed like major improvements. I listen to a lot of rock and metalcore and the HD660S was better than my HD600 when it came to busy sections of songs. Where the 600 sometimes sounded a little congested, the 660S remained clear, not letting anything jumble together.

    The pads are indeed a slightly different shape and a little deeper; a big improvement IMO. Keep in mind this is comparing my 100+ hour HD600 vs Jude's relatively new HD660S. The pads on my HD600 are a little squashed.
    The clamp felt about the same as the rest of the HD6xx lineup in that I didn't notice it being super loose or tight. It could be a little different.

    I really liked them but I won't sell my HD600 that I love so much, for them. If anything, I'll wait for a good price on the used market before buying.
    IMO, if you already have and enjoy the HD600/HD650/HD6XX, then don't upgrade; at least not right away. $500 (USD) + shipping + tax is a lot. If you have heard the HD600/HD650 and enjoy it, but don't already own any of the HD6xx lineup, then I'd suggest just going straight to the HD660S.

    I really like the look. The Sennheiser logo on the back of the cups looks really nice and gives the 660S a more modern look.

    IMO, these would be better placed at $400 which is probably where they'll end up in a year.

    Sorry I can't remember any more details. There was just so much gear to listen to.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
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  15. pietcux
    Let me tell you the improvement is so big, we all would pay much more than 500 usd to get this, if it wasn't just another Sennheiser HD6... To my ears it is the best bargain in real high end headphones since very long.
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