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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. Madmollusk
    Boy oh boy, I'm sure eager to get my hands on the HD660S. I'm a big fan of the Sennheiser house-sound and still own a good number of Sennheiser headphones, including the HD800, HD700, and HD650, to name just a few. Lately, however, I've been using the Audioquest Nighthawk quite a bit, mostly because I love the NIghthawk's sumptuously dark and non-fatiguing sound-signature, though the bass could be a bit tighter and the upper-midrange could use a bit of a boost. It sounds like the HD660S improves upon these two points, but I wonder: Is the HD660s as silky smooth and non-fatiguing as its predecessor? As the Nighthawk? Any opinions would be helpful. Thanks, Y'all.
  2. LaCuffia
    From what I recall about the 650, the 660s is more controlled and clearer. No haze but still very smooth. The Nighthawk is not in the same league sound wise but I understand it has a following and I can’t complain about the build and comfort. Those aspects are great. The 660s is just technically superior though. It’s strange but the Nighthawk was fatiguing for me. Sort of muffled with some unnatural peaks here and there.
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  3. Beagle
    The Nightowl wipes out the 650 so it probably does so with the 660S as well.
  4. LaCuffia
    If you like listening to music that sounds wrapped in a wool blanket, then yes...
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  5. kman1211
    The Nighthawk also caused me fatigue, it was like the treble all peaked in this uncomfortable harsh spike that reared it’s ugly head at times and the lower regions also caused me fatigue. Any of the Senns HD 6xx when well driven didn’t cause me an fatigue. The HD 800S doesn’t fatigue me nor does a well driven HD 800 or T1. The Tesla 2.0 Beyers(DT 1770/1990 and Amiron) also don’t bother me. The Elear or Utopia didn’t bother me. The Sony Z1R didn’t. None of the STAX headphones I heard. The Fostex TH610 didn’t. Yet somehow the Hawks fatigued me.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
  6. god-bluff
    The HD25s are very special little headphones. In my opinion the best all round headphone in the world. EVER!!!!

    Quite a statement l. I know, but as a combination of sound quality, comfort, isolating properties, ruggedness, functionality. longevity, parts availability, many varied and ubiquitous professional applications and historical significance (neatly 30 years and Counting) takes some beating

    Everyone should own a pair at some stage. It has great potential. To hear it with a Chord Mojo is a real ear opener something I need to experience again

    But that's enough hyperbole.....I'm a bit of a fan

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  7. FastAndClean
    hd25 have no comfort at all, they are trying to squeeze your head to the dead
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  8. Renato Fury
    What amplifier are you using with the HD 660 S and how does it behave with cellphones and music players ?
  9. Pedro Oliveira
    Hey malfunkt!!! :)

    I will always have a pair of hd25s with me. I sold them once and regreted ever since. In fact right now i have 2 basic edition hd25s. Got one pair last year and 3 months ago they popped up for a few hours on spanish amazon for 90 euros and i could not resist to buy a backup pair. Yep its stupid but that is how much i love them.

    True that they Far feom soniccaly perfect, they are not the most confortable and drivers like the ones on the momentums already beat them easily but their mix of sound quality, the unique sound sig, build and durability (with the momentums i feel like i have to protect them from scratches while the hd25 can take a beating and will always look new) is impossible to beat. Its one of the few headphones wich lets me lay my head on a pillow without loosing fit or seal and they can be used anywhere and olugged to anything. I have other headphones of course, i have the x2 and the hd600 right now (and i just sold my 2 over ear momentums), but i always end up going back to them.

    The x2 actually is maybe the closest i heard so far to a hd25 (ladies and gentleman who want a similar sig to the hd25s and m50x on a easy to drive open back.... this is your ticket.... at least IMO) on a open back but still i think that no one makes highs and mids like sennheiser. I prefere the sound sig of the x2 to the hd600. The hd600s feel flat when compared but it is easilly noticeable that the hd600 is a higher resolution headphone, detail is much more perceivable and there is a airiness and refinement that just cant be matched by the x2. So basically i want the hd600 mids and highs but i would like them to sound a bit fuller overall, a bit more authority on the bass, more musical.... the punch on the hd600 is not bad but a tad more also wouldnt hurt.

    So basically now i am trying to decide if i should go 650, 660 or 700.... :)

    Edit: the hd600 surprises me at times even with edm despite being a fairly flat headphones...

    Yesterday i discovered a very deep, sweet piano drum n bass track from keeno called futurism.... sure it is much easier to headbang ro the drums on the x2s while on the hd600 it feels meh, but the way the piano is presented on the hd600.... damn.... feels really euphonic and blissfull....

    Drum and bass and blissfull trance lovers.... i think it will appeal to some.....

    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
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  10. god-bluff
    Patience ie years of use, a bit of judicious regular stretching of headband, velour or 'Aluminium' pads, a love of the comfort and cool liberating freedom from facial upper jaw clamping and over heating sweaty ears of over ear headphone and a reasonably not over sized head are your friends.

    I wear mine for many hours anytime anywhere and have for many years
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
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  11. god-bluff

    Only if you like listening to what music your next door neighbour is playing (through very thick walls whilst submerged in a bath):))
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  12. Madmollusk
    Wow. Your experience is nearly the polar opposite of my own. Both iterations of the Beyerdynamic T1 (along with the DT 880) are hot enough to severely exacerbate my tinnitus. The same for the HD800, to a lesser extent. Even the HD580 bothers me a bit, and yet I can use the Nighthawk for hours upon hours with zero hearing fatigue. The HD650 is kinder and gentler to my ears, but not as kind or gentle as the Nighthawk. In this regard, I look forward to reading more about the HD660S though.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
  13. Madmollusk
    This sounds great! When you say "haze," however, do you mean that the bass sounds less wooly? Or that the treble sounds less veiled?
  14. kman1211
    The HD 800 and T1(talking about the gen 2 here) was only on the right system, but otherwise not really. The Hawks fatigued me regardless of system. The DT 770/880/990, etc. and even the DT 150 fatigued me slightly, they had an issue in the 10khz region that irritated me over time, took the DT 150 longest to bother me of the bunch. The Hawks create some sort of weird pressure to my ears and my ears get this almost clogging up effect with them, the weird pressure I got from the Hawks was the main source of fatigue for me, this happened even at moderately-low volumes. The longer I owned the Hawks the more they irritated me. The three least fatiguing headphones I've owned to my ears have been the Amiron Home, the HD 650, and the DT 480. Many of the headphones I listed I don't own but I spent many hours listening to courtesy of a friend. This really shows not everyone is fatigued by the same thing. I used to think treble spikes were the culprit of fatigue for me, but I realized it's more complicated than that as some headphones with spikes even in areas I thought I was sensitive in don't bother me at all.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
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  15. Beagle
    Which is what they would sound like to someone who blew their ears out listening to death metal at full volume perhaps?
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