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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. tafens
    This rules or the HD660S for me then.. See, I have the same “problem” with my Lyr3 and HD650’s.. So if I try the HD660S with it I’m afraid I will get no sleep at all! :astonished:
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  2. mmq2404
    How these HD660s sound when plugging into your Modi MB/Magni3 stack?
    Asking because I'm using Modi3/Magni 3 stack. :gs1000smile:
  3. tafens
    I can’t say as I don’t have the HD660S.
    (not yet anyway, looking to find a good deal :slight_smile:)
  4. equalspeace
    Been testing out the Dekoni Fenestrated Sheepskin pads. They’re very comfy and don’t seem to alter the sound really. No more ears touching foam. Pretty happy w them so far
  5. JM
    I'm just enamored with these. I've been the proud owner of the HD 660 S for about a year now. I've always wanted to audition the HD 600, just never liked the look of them. I'm loving this redesign!

    Are these available at retail yet (Amazon.com, US)?

  6. equalspeace

    Wonder if they tamed that 5k peak?
  7. Deftone
  8. equalspeace
    064ADC27-E9A4-4398-BB1C-75CDC5052BCA.jpeg Got these nifty adapters to run my Plussound Apollonian mmcx cable with 660s and oh man they are brought to a superb level now. Just incredibly good. Easily on the level of my HE500. This rig w the dx150 with amp 8 is just sublime. I’m blown away by this change.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2019
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  9. equalspeace
    2049E6CE-2CE2-47CB-92AF-9E450059B5DB.jpeg One more
  10. michaeljefford
    Just picked up a pair of these for £250, and so far, think I’m in love with them :o2smile:!
  11. GearMe
    Nice! New? If so, where? :ksc75smile:
  12. michaeljefford
    8 months old, Barely Used, Along with a proof of purchase for the warranty.
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  13. GearMe
    Good on you!

    Oh well...thought there might've been a great in the UK to take advantage of. :)
    Have gotten some significant savings on headphones from Amazon UK in the last year
  14. Mhog55
    Well sh!t! What a difference a new pair of pads can make. I'm not going to go into detail about the sound of these cans, as most everybody on this thread has heard them. What I will say in comparison to the 58X is that these may not be quite as energetic, but there not harsh or grainy. At least not to my ears anyway. They sound fantastic, and honestly, I don't think I'd change a thing. After hours of listening time, I always want to go to the EQ and make some adjustments - not here. They just sound right. That being said, if I did want to give them a slight bump or dip, what areas would you suggest that may improve these? I'm pretty certain these will be my end game for home use. Not to hyper or mellow, very clean and sounds excellent with everything. They don't try to push anything exaggerated or artificial into your ears. Are they worth the additional expense over the 58X - really depends on what you're after. In my case, absolutely. If I could design my own sound sig into a can, these would be really dang close to what I would come up with.
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  15. Deftone
    Don't bother with EQ my fellow rocker, just sit back and enjoy the long listening sessions with these awesome headphones over the Christmas holiday.
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