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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. GearMe
    Will probably look at the Lyr 3 down the road...sounds like a great amp for a variety of headphones.
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  2. Golddy
    I Love HD650
  3. Deftone
    660S doesn't sound metallic at all.

    In regards to why I like 660S over 800S, it just comes down to the way I feel about music these days, sick over thinking and over worrying about sound quality. I also know there's no perfect headphones and you will only drive yourself mad trying to find them, I put the 660S on my head, sit back and enjoy the music. It sounds really fantastic there's nothing to complain about for me.

    800S is an incredible headphone but I don't need incredible I just want to hear great sounding music and not worry, that is good enough for me. I've sold the HD800S and most other equipment because my headfi search is over.

    I used to love listening to music on a iPod classic and £30 iems until I found headfi so I spent years in the rabbit hole. I feel like I'm back to that same place now with the 660S, not thinking about detail, soundstage, resolution, just thinking about the lyrics or the amazing musicianship of my favourite artists.

    I am enjoying new things in life now it's time to concentrate on my other hobbies.
  4. Ichos
    Words of wisdom.
    Great maturity and decisions unfortunately made after we have spent a lot of time and money.
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  5. Ichos
    Yes I am listening with the NOS tube , unfortunately the Tung sol isn't included to compare.
    Very fluid and not overly dark or warm , just spot on very enjoyable.
    On a side note the multibit card is mediocre and is holding back the amp.
  6. Shareknow

    My sennheiser HD 660S will reach today. I wish, may this be my ORIGIN and ENDGAME. I think so. I have a listening experience with a few headphones such as Sony H900n, audio technica Msr7, Sennheiser HD 599 already ( all borrowed from friends for demo purposes ). I know these are not at par with HD 660S, but atleast i have an idea about their sound signatures. And i kind of like the Sennheiser sound. Since 660S is ENDGAME for many, they should be same for me.
    Thanks everyone for your wisdom and golden experience.
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  7. CaptainFantastic
    No, no it doesn't. We were talking briefly about the Focal Elex.
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  8. Shareknow
    Plz help me understand : Its a common consensus here that all sennheiser series 6 headphones, namely 6xx/650/600/660s have excellent mids, vocals and instruments sound natural. The bass and treble rolls off.

    I wonder why there is need to steeply roll off bass?

    Don't everyone love bass.

    Why this model never got proper bass treatment or tuning?
  9. Mike F
    Go and have a listen to some ordinary full range loudspeakers and you’ll understand why not everyone needs or wants huge amounts of sub bass. Alternatively, go to a live acoustic concert.
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  10. Kammerat Rebekka
    There’s just something incredibly cool in putting on a headphone one hasn’t used for a while...only to feel that one has gotten his hands on a brand new can...which it of course isn’t, but the whole ‘new-toy-syndrome’ oddly enough seems to pop up once again.
    Going from the old 600 and straight to this and you instantly get hit over the head with a type of clarity that one also finds in headphones such as the Elex as well as the Sundara/Ananda. Superquick transients and an almost ‘glassy’ see-through character to the presentation. Where the old guard feels romantic and earthy the new cats on the block seem much more focused on dynamics and clarity.
    One thing though: I’ve seen countless of reviewers stating that this new rendition of the 6 series echoes the old when it comes to the bass department..most especially the subbass..and while the frequency response looks nigh identical to the 650, one still hears this part of the headphone far more clear and detailed.
    It’s like looking at the frequency responses of the old classic line-up aka DT880, HD600 and the K701. Just by looking at these one would think that the Beyer comes out on top regarding subbass...but it really doesn’t. What’s down there is muddy, indistinct and smeared...just like the 600 only things are a little more clear over the Sennie...yet the AKG with it’s horrendous basslite reputation still manages to tell the listener far more about the lower registers than the aforementioned two.
    The 660 is like that. Sure it rolls off like most other dynamic openbacks, but you still hear everything down there..with brilliant clarity and punch to boot.
    So yeah welcome back Charles (my name for the new Sennie. He just looks like a Charles).
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  11. Shareknow
    Let me rephrase my question, all i want to ask is, why some open back headphones such as Audeze LCD 2 classic have more bass than 660S. May be its due to the driver, dynamic vs planer magnetic. Or Its a good enough driver and its tuned that way. I don't know, may be someone can answer.

    Do we have any headhones with dynamic drivers and clean powerfull bass/sub-bass + all the other qualities of 660S.

    I get ur point, the thing is, in my home theater all my SVS subwoofers have great clean bass and lots of it, similarly my SVS Ultra towers are punchy and have clean punchy bass.

    I know its like Comparing two different worlds etc.

    May be its the limitation of the driver, one driver for all tasks.

    Or may be i don't know what i am talking about as i am still new to this headphone world. :)
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
  12. Shareknow
    Thanks dear, I'm also an advocate of clean punchy powerful bass, i hate boominess and one note bass, i like layers in my bass too.

    My 660S is coming soon.

    I am hopeful i will like it.

  13. dmdm
    I do caswell, but I'll have to give the 660s a listen some time.
  14. Mike F
    Basically, yes! Actually, even most good full range speakers don’t go much below 30-40kHz, but what you get with a speaker is the physical punch of the low frequencies plus room reinforcement so it always feels like they go lower than they do. Add a sub and of course you actually get the lowest frequencies. Many people prefer planer magnetics precisely because of their bass extension, but in my experience they sacrifice mid range tonal accuracy and naturalness. Personally I’d rather have the more speaker like roll off in the bass than forfeit great mids.
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  15. kman1211
    Honestly likely has to do with keeping the HD 6xx family tuning. I’d say it has to do with making compromises with the tuning, housing/pad design, and driver limitations. Some dynamics drivers do have greater extension. It’s really due to the tuning Sennheiser chose to pursue with the headphones. Some drivers can pull it off, but nothing is really tuned that way as the HD 6xx family have an unique tuning so it would take some EQ and/or modding to get it from another headphone.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
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