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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. Ichos
    Wow very interesting comparison.
    Curious about the outcome.
    Of course as always photos or it didn't happen!
  2. donlin
    That project could either be extremely fun or cause you to lose your sanity.
  3. Ichos
    Maybe he will end up like @Mike F and keep all three!!!
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  4. Mike F
    I thought you were going to say insane for a second! :wink: :beyersmile:
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  5. BrunoArrais
    I also sold my HD800S after trying the HD660s.
  6. kman1211
    Curious to hear your impressions on them. I have yet to hear the Clears, but have heard the Elear's at length and they do have problems such as a metallic sounding treble and what seemed like a hole in the midrange, I gather the Clear addresses the midrange problem but not sure about the treble. Honestly finding something as good as the HD 6xx family in terms of tonality and timbre is a real challenge, and even more of a challenge in finding something better. I personally only really found well modified/eq'd Beyers to pull it off for a reasonable price. Everything else I’ve heard that pulled it off was either way too expensive, rare, and/or vintage.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
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  7. donlin
    I have owned the Focal Elear and Clear and it's a house sound that I just don't like. As Mike said earlier, the Clear can sound impressive at first but becomes very fatiguing over time. I had the Clear for a while and shortly after Tyll's rave about the Clear and trashing of the 660S, I tried the 660S. I had a hard time trusting my own impressions because the 660S sounded so much more enjoyable. I went back and forth and almost returned the 660S a couple times but as always, it's best to trust your ears.

    Regarding other possibilities, I have been listening to the Audeze LCD-X a lot lately. The price has come down to $1299.00 USD so gave it a shot a couple months ago. It has a very nice tonal balance with natural timbre and some of the best piano sound I've heard. The mids are more laid back than the HD6--'s which is a nice change in perspective.
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  8. Ichos
    I have had some previous contact with the Clears
    I had a loaner one year ago and compared it with HD800S.
    At low listening volumes were quite good I have to admit but at higher volumes they seemed to exhibit some kind of ringing from mids and up.
    But conditions weren't great because my amp back then was the Mjolnir 2 and the balanced cable was missing so I had to listen to them from the single ended out which is not great.
    And the Mjolnir 2 is a glary amp at the upper registers not the perfect match for cans like Clear , 800 or 660.
    I also suspect that that Clear unit was an early production model and a lot of them weren't properly dampened and assembled.
    So now I'm willing to give them a second chance as am waiting for a factory fresh pro model.
    I also now have the V280 so no excuses regarding the amp plus I have a Lyr 3 for a review.
    Next week is going to be very interesting!

    BTW - Lyr 3 is fu.....g good , really! - Very very good synergy with 660S
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
  9. GearMe
    This! Would recommend keeping all! Regret not having my HD650 and HD600.

    Will either be repurchasing the 650/6XX or getting the 660S depending on the Holiday deals.

    TBH, the HD660S would have to be an awesome deal ($300ish)...since I just picked up the Amiron Home ($249 :beyersmile:) to 'replace' the Beyers that were cleared out in my headphone purge.

    Also ordered an Asgard 3 after getting rid of my Valhalla 2. No discipline -- I know! Combined, they would have covered the cost of the 660S. That said, am liking the Amiron compared to my previous Beyers and my Bifrost is sitting idle and needs an amp! :wink:

    Guessing the HD660S won't go that low this year but it is currently hovering around $380 shipped to US via Amazon UK...one can hope!
  10. Ichos
    249 US for the Amiron , great price.
    If you can stretch your budget consider seriously the Lyr 3.

    Listening to it right now with 660S and i am very tempted....
    F...k reviewing is going to make me broke....
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  11. kman1211
    Agree, I think having all three is good, I do miss the HD 660 S and even the HD 600. The Amiron Home was the headphone I reviewed the HD 660 S against. They are different, and while I liked the tuning more of the HD 660 S; I found the Amiron Home to be the technically better headphone and I also like it's tuning, I don't think the HD 660 S should be more expensive than it.

    I liked the Asgard 3 more than the Valhalla 2, and I like the Lyr 3 more than either. Honestly wish I still had my Lyr 3 instead of the Asgard 3. The Amiron Home is a good pairing with both the Asgard 3 and the Lyr 3 though, I think you will be happy either way. I like the T1.2 and Amiron Home more with my Asgard 3 Multibit more than the HD 6XX, just seems to pair better as I found the Asgard 3 to emphasize a bit of dryness in the upper ranges on the HD 6XX and the Asgard 3/Lyr 3 Multibit reigns in the treble on the Beyers. The Lyr 3 was a better match with the HD 600/650 than the Asgard 3 imho. I like my HD 6XX more with my UDA-1 which brings out it's dynamics more and has a more pleasant upper midrange with it. Can't say how the HD 660 S pairs with the Asgard 3 or Lyr 3 as I haven't heard those combos.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
  12. Ichos
    Staying late tonight....
  13. CaptainFantastic
    Are you using the Lyr3 with an external DAC or one of the DAC modules it comes with?
  14. Ichos
    It came for review with the multibit module.
    Right now i am listening with Cambridge 851C.
  15. kman1211
    You using the stock tube on the Lyr 3? Looks like it from the picture, I personally liked the stock tube more than the tung-sol option. I personally found the tung-sol to make the amp sound more dry than I like, while the stock tube sounded more fluid and darker.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
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