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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. Ichos
    Of course amp quality is important as with every good headphone especially with z above 100 ohms.
    It's just not to amp dependant as the HD650 in order to get the maximum performance.
    It's more easy to find the perfect match.
    For example this can be very easily enjoyed and even considered end game with a Fiio Q5 balanced but the HD650 cannot.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
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  2. SilverEars
    No, HD600 and 650 sounds more detailed due to more energy in the upper mids.

    660S comes of blunted in that area and with rise in the lower treble, which gives it a fresh type of feeling to the sound. Tyll refers to the upper mids as presence region, and that's actually the area where you perceived details. That's the area they've scooped out for 660S and 58X.

    I also disagree with biggest reason for fitigue, it's the the treble peaks for me.
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  3. GearMe
    FWIW...here is an FR comparison of the 660 and 58X...copied from 'another' site

    And here it [HD58X] is compared to HD660S in YELLOW. FR is very similar!

    And...from same site

    GREEN = HD58X
    ORANGE = HD660S
    GREY = HD6XX
    PURP = HD600
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  4. kman1211
    I didn't say or imply the HD 660 S sounds more detailed than the HD 650. Okay my mistake, I let go of my HD 660 S a few months ago after not really listening to them, it's really the midrange that the HD 660 S that's forward, honestly most of the top end is blunted on the HD 660 S, it doesn't have any sparkle to it's sound either.

    I used to think it was the treble peaks but some headphones with a treble peak don't bother me one bit, honestly I found all of the HD 6xx line far more fatiguing than the Amiron Home which measures with a peak in the upper treble.
  5. SilverEars
    When I looked at the FR of Beyers, I've seen enough of them having similar characteristics of rise in the treble after no rise in the upper-mids. Closest Sennheiser is probably HD800 in terms of tonality.

    650/600/580/6XX have early rise in the upper-mids. I think the Harman curve rises even earlier if I'm not mistaken.
  6. Deftone
    660 is about equal brightness to a 600, 660 is still smooth and rich, no where close to a HD800. 660 is much faster with better articulation and timbre in the treble also better definition in the bass than 650.

    650 probably does have better low level detail, macrodynamics etc but it doesnt sound effortless, 660 does. Thats important for metal imo or it sounds congested and sluggish.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
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  7. Mike F
    Thanks, Deftone. The low level detail is what I'm interested in. Others will have different priorities, but for me it's low level detail that matters. That, for me, creates a sense of air space and depth to the sound. Non fatiguing (often meaning not bright) sound presentation and superior detail (resolution) is what I like for the music I listen to. If I was into rock or metal I'm sure I'd prefer the more exciting presentation offered by the 660S.
  8. Deftone
    Yes of course and i dont get the upper mid fatigue with guitar on 660S while still retains forward clear and crunchy sound, if i listened to acoustic and jazz then i would be more than happy with 650 but i do not. Please try them for yourself if you get the chance, 660S far from bright and never harsh, still smooth like 650 its just that there is better treble clarity, maybe thats what makes it feel like the "veil" has been removed.
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  9. Ruinedforfun
    i had all 3 at the same time (HD600,HD6XX,HD660S) and ended up going for the hd600 which i then sold for a hd800 but yea lmao... Im prob gonna buy another one....i think the hd600 is really special. Its got some magic sauce in there man. That timbre is unmatched and I have yet to hear something so natural. HD660S is alright, it plays better with modern music, but still is not punchy enough and dynamic enough. I noticed that it was also more grainy and not as smooth as the HD600 or HD6XX. I would not pay the full price for it but maybe 300-325. I got the 660S first and it was my first HD6X0 and i was kinda disappointed..I really tried to like it but i just couldn't. The HD6xx i felt was kinda sluggish, too much midbass for me. I really want to try a HD580, which has even less mid bass then the hd600 apparently. A used hd600 can be got for around 180 and thats a steal, and i dont think its worth paying the extra for the 660s.
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  10. Sigmaaa
    The only thing hd600 has, beside a bit less midbass, is a small peak at 3.5kHz, which can make electric guitars more crisp and voices a bit more open. Some can't stand the 3.5kHz peak. I can usually accept it, unless there's a recording with very strident guitar work, which some metal albums happen to be. The worst part is that they don't channel match the drivers from what most charts suggest, unlike hd650/660s, which are well matched.
  11. pietcux
    I just sit here and enjoy the Sony WM1A >>balanced>>HD660S so much. Listening to Jakob Bro Bay of Rainbows. Tons of acoustical bass and carloads of cymbals here nice guitar in the middle. This is perfect, everything else is just.......
  12. SilverEars
    Really? I wonder why it would be the case for HD600, not for the other 650/660S. What leads you to believe this?

    My personal experience convinces me there is truth to that statement.

    I personally find worn pads, warmer HD600 to have the best tonality. HD600 with new revised pads sounds a bit too significant in the treble, but worn old pads bring up the mids evening out the tonality. So, my preference is between fresh 600 and 650.

    I don't like the upper-mids cut on the 660S and 58X
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
  13. SilverEars
    Same here. I ended up listening modern music with it, so that reflects that it smoothens modern music response. Moden music tends to be mastered sounding peaky in the treble. I think It's the blunting scoup in the FR causing the smoothing.

    Definately not punchy and dynamic enough as you say.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2019
  14. sabocat
    4818DB5E-3469-489C-AEE5-84307AEE30DA.jpeg 88F8ACC5-F302-400F-ACE5-E130E956BBF0.jpeg

    Yes very nice with classical music!
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  15. kpet82
    I completly agree! I love my HD660s!
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