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Sennheiser HD650

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by ytsejamer, Oct 26, 2016.
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  1. YtseJamer
    For Sale
    I’m selling my pair of Sennheiser HD650.
    The headphones are in a mint condition and they are coming with the original box and the invoice for the warranty.  (I bought them brand new last week)
    The price is $1.  (Shipping and Paypal not included)
    Please PM me if you are interested. My price is firm and I don't want to trade them.
  2. MattTCG
    Don't do it!! You'll find yourself buying them again later. [​IMG]
  3. TsKen
    You might as well keep them, because that's like the same price as Amazon after shipping/paypal fees
  4. YtseJamer

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