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Sennheiser HD650 & Schiit Valhalla Setup?

  1. Austin Morrow
    Do you think this would be a good setup for the HD650 if I were, to say, add a nice DAC like the CLAS or the Cambridge DACMagic along with the setup?
  2. PanamaRed
    I cannot comment on your choice of DAC, but in my opinion the Valhalla and the HD650 sound great together.
  3. cifani090
    Good setup IMO, that upgrade to a Woo6[​IMG]The DAC Magic is a great DAC for the money, i looked into this, before i found i can just to a RCA to 1/8.
  4. Austin Morrow


    Alright, works for me! I tried the HD650 at a meet last week with the WA2, the Stingray, the Cavalli Liquid Fire, & the ALO Continental and realized it's the can that excites me the most over the HD800, LCD-2, and the K701.

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