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Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tangsta, Sep 24, 2006.
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  1. CaptainFantastic
    I did the same and I agree. I know some are against it, strongly against it, but I like what I hear.
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  2. Tuneslover
    I put Dekoni Elite Velour pads on my HD650 and they sound very good with my detailed and bright sounding SMSL SU-8 and Jotunheim (all 3 in balanced mode). The Dekoni pads improve the bass but tend to slightly darken the overall soundscape which to me compliments my chosen DAC and AMP. I also have the HD6XX (with stock pads) which sound noticeably brighter than the HD650 with Dekoni pads, however the HD6XX sounds perfect (to me) with my Schiit Modi MB and Lake People G109S (slightly warmer than neutral sounding amp).

    My point, the HD650/HD6XX can sound good (or bad) depending on the equipment they are being mated with. Also, pads are a worthy mod to tailor the sound you are seeking. Above all, flattened Sennheiser stock pads can take the life out of music. When you start questioning why your HD650/HD6XX don't sound as good as they once did then consider replacing the pads.
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  3. tafens
    They do for real. To me, the veil moniker is undeserved, unless the pads are worn/flattened. Then it makes sense. Dull and lifeless also comes to mind.

    With a few hours of mostly daily listening I’m replacing the pads once yearly. They can hold up for longer, but that’s where the degradation is becoming noticeable for me. This works for me, but the size of one’s melon is of course a factor. I have also bent the metal parts of the headband a bit to ease clamping force for comfort and to preserve the pads for longer.
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  4. dakanao
    Actually what I found most important to get the best sound out of the HD 650, is to have the earcups rotated at an angle, and the back of the cups aligned with the back of your ears, so that the frontside of the pads put the least pressure on your ears.

    This way, there is 0% grain, uppermids roughness, veil, or anything else. I know where those comments are coming from now, since depending on how the cups are placed on your ears, they can sound grainy, or veiled.

    The problem with this headphone, is that it takes some time to figure out the right placement to get the intended sound from them.
  5. ranchowner
    I bit the bullet, and ordered the the 6xx, along with Aune X1S and X7S + a balanced cable.

    I reviewed the 6xx a year ago, and even with my Dragonfly black the performance was an eye opener for me ( I love forward mids ) vocals was excellent.

    So excited to try.
  6. Delmetrice
    You'll really enjoy it, 6XX scales very well with additional power.

    Now I just wish you'd have bought my stack instead!
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  7. ranchowner
    Why are you getting rid of your stack if you don't mind me asking? :)
  8. Delmetrice
    Mostly because I have gonna too far down the rabbit hole and have too many components on the desk. The X7S and X1S were two of my first purchases, and there's an umph that the other stuff doesn't have that's really enjoyable. I've also started moving to monitors and IEMs for most of my listening, and as a result none of my headphones amps get as much work as they deserve.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
  9. Shareknow
    Plz help me understand : Its a common consensus here that all sennheiser series 6 headphones, namely 6xx/650/600/660s have excellent mids, vocals and instruments sound natural. The bass and treble rolls off.

    I wonder why there is need to steeply roll off bass?

    Don't everyone love bass.

    Why this model never got proper bass treatment or tuning?

    Plz excuse my ignorance, am a novice.
  10. castleofargh Contributor
    you make it look like they voluntarily applied a solution to roll off the bass. that's unlikely ^_^. the driver itself isn't huge. in a fully open design, that usually means a hard time with low frequencies at high output. same logic you'll see with speakers, small tweeters are not the tools of choice for loud low frequency sounds. it's not explaining everything, but in this case I'd argue that size matters. and there is not a lot you can do about the HD6.. series without effectively making a different headphone(that probably would end up having a different signature altogether).
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  11. WilcoRoger
    Because not everybody is a bass-head. Some people actually want to listen to more than the kick drums.
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  12. tyota
    I love my HD650s. Everything from the comfort to the sound is amazing. Couldnt be happier.
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  13. Odin412
    Yes, the HD 650 is one of the true classics. I'm never selling mine.
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  14. greenblured
    For me the hd650 is exellent for chilling with cool female voice jazz in the evening,relaxing. The middle of the week night time easy listening can.
  15. Delmetrice
    While this may not be of benefit to everyone, I've had several Senns that will inevitably get dings or scratches on the mesh grilles that reveal the metal underneath the paint, coating, whatever it happens to be. I've typically repainted them, but on my last effort, I thought I'd try some Alumablack on a small chip to see how well it would take. Not only does it match the black perfectly after 2 coats, but I've stripped and re-coated a few to purposefully ding and scratch up, and no such concerns any more. A single coat well applied can give you a very nice gunmetal grey that looks awesome on the 600s. I'll be stripping all of my other mesh grilles, and I thought this might be something worth sharing.
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