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Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tangsta, Sep 24, 2006.
  1. Tuneslover
    Clearly the amount of hours you wear your headphones is a more accurate method of measuring ear pad usage. Because my HD650's were my "go to" headphones I'm estimating that on average I used them roughly 1 hour per day which translates to about 1,100 hours over the 3 years. Because I listened to them so consistently over several years I suspect I didn't notice the gradual deterioration in sound caused by the wearing of the pads. It's like you don't notice the dimming of your TV picture over the years even though that is exactly what is happening.

    Even after visually comparing the condition of my 3 year old pads with the brand new HD6XX pads I wouldn't have guessed that I needed new pads for the HD650's. However after switching the pads I realized that the old pads gave the headphones kind of a dull sound and with the new pads there was better clarity.
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  2. Deftone
    The treble gets smoother and darker with worn in pads.
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  3. Quadfather
    My bottlehead crack Powers my HD650s much louder than my Sony NW - WM1A, but I just love the way my Sennheiser headphone sounds out of the Sony. Seems a fuller more three-dimensional sound.
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  4. Deftone
    I remember a post from someone a while back saying they preferred their 650s under powered from a smartphone because it had a delicacy to the sound that big amps dont have.
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  5. Quadfather
    I am using the 4.4 mm balanced output on the Sony and it just makes the Sennheiser sound heavenly! I'm starting to believe that post. Everything sounds more mashed together with the tube amp. It does not sound as good in the Paw Gold either.
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  6. Deftone
    Oh the WM1A sorry i read it as NWZA15, ive seen many users like the walkmans + 600/650/660.

    Its not underpowered from the 4.4 balanced, might turn out that just like the sound of solid state the best with them, better separation and cleaner treble compared to tubes. I really like tube hybrids myself instead of full but an exception is I love the rHead its a very nice sounding fully solid state class A.
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  7. Nik74
    My 650s arrived today and I ve not had loads of time withthem yet but I did play a few songs to see how they sound. My first thoughts are that I would have fallen in love with these headphones if I hadn't got used to the 800S... I think I am 'addicted' to some of the things that the 800S gets right. However the 650s seem to have a more effortless musicality and are very involving without demanding the level of cerebral attention that the 800S need to be appreciated. This is a very first impression of course as I m sure I ll take a bit of time to tune into the new sound signature.
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  8. PeteMtl
    I bought a pair of HD600/650 series pads from Sennheiser Canada a couple of months ago at their Pointe-Claire office (suburb of Montreal). Just call them, i’m sure they have them in stock. It’s the same parts model than for the HD540/580/600/650 by the way. I also bought other accessories such as a 10ft cable (HD600 cable with mini plug ending and assorted 1/4 plug adaptor to be used with my HD58X) and other pad (Amperior). They have many parts in stock, just don’t judge by their web site which is totally useless and is past due...
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  9. dakanao
    ? Still looking
  10. DivineCurrent
    Can anybody comment on the bass quality of the 6XX/650 vs the other 600 variants, 58x, 660s, and 600? I’ve noticed there to be slightly more bass distortion in online measurements for newer HD650s and the 6XX too. I might pick up a 6XX to compliment the 58X.
  11. SilverEars
    I've had an interesting experience with HD6XX. The overall characteristic took a change based on what DAC I was feeding it to my amp. With the right combo, it actually sounds pretty responsive (quick) with tight and impactful bass. With the wrong setup, it can sound a bit wooly, a bit too warm, a bit flabby (reduction in clarity). It was in this (the right one) setup that I realized it can output bass quantity with good slam. (in a tight manner) So, I can see why there would be differing opinions on the bass.

    If you find that it doesn't sound as clear as it should, it could be your setup.

    For some reason, classical, particularly strings sounds most natural with Sennheisers. Listening to the famous 'the Nordic sound.'


    2L recordings are excellent!

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  12. claud W
    The HD 650 is supposed to be the scale up king. IE the better your system, the better it sounds. I am a DNA Stratus owner and most of us either use HD 800, 800S or 650. Can any of you 650 owners tell me about the cheapest place on line to buy a HD 650? What about mods and best replacement headphone cable, Norne? Wywires? Cardas? ????????
  13. tafens
    If HD6XX works for you, I think they’re still dropping on MassDrop for $199.
  14. Deftone
    Like mentioned the massdrop 6XX but I still paid more for the original 650 with plantinum grey finish instead of matte midnight blue.
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  15. jimmers
    I have one of each, but I wouldn't call my HD650 platinum (or plantinum )
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