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Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tangsta, Sep 24, 2006.
  1. DavidA
    If only talking grain then there are a few that I've heard that have less grain than the HD650 to me: SR009, HD800, HD800S, T1gen1, HD700, L500, SRD-34, HE1K, LCD-3f, and Ether Flow. But these are not as good in the mids as HD650 with the exception of the LCD-3f.
  2. joaogma
    @lugnut @riffrafff do you have a recomendation? I just like the HD650 sound sig even though it is not the best deep bass performer... but I would love to hear some recomendations for new cans :)

    edit: I find HD650's bass plenty, my only complaint is its extension
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  3. Anarion
    I've heard HD 800S once and if I remember how it sounded, I'd say it was smooth (in terms of texture, i.e. no grain). The tuning and price however... HD 700 potentially too, however it has such a unpleasant treble that it's a bit hard to judge the treble but the rest did have smooth texture.

    It would be nice if Sennheiser would give HD 700 a remake and take the tuning in different direction that would work with any genre and use case.
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  4. prymortal
    I wasnt aware of it until someone pointed it out then i could only hear it. Similar thing happened with the K712 Pro when i first got them, about maybe 70 hours use its all i heard.

    Would love to comment on the HD6XX but they are still on the way & the HD660s.
    Edit: Nevermind found a thread that has this info
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2018
  5. bryceu
    New to the forums here and since the HD 6XX's are my daily drivers I need to comment on my love for them. They were the first pair of over-ear HPs I've ever owned, and are still my favorite. I have owned the Beyer DT 990 Pro and I also currently own the Fidelio X2HR's, but the HD 6XX sound still has my heart. Even with mostly electronic music listening habits,the HD 6XX's signature is still preferred. The DT 990's were treble blasters (and way too tight of a clamp on the headband), and the X2's can be a bit harsh at times also, where the 6XX's are perfectly neutral and can be listened to for LONG periods without any fatigue. This is not to say there aren't some things the 6XX's are missing, like tighter and more extended bass as well as some more detail in the highs. But for the price point I don't think I could find another pair I will enjoy as much. I recently upgraded my Magni 3 amp to the Valhalla 2 and it is a beautiful match. The Valhalla adds much more fullness to the bass and also bring out details in the highs that aren't heard on the Magni 3. The Valhalla 2 and HD 6XX pairing is the best listening experience I have had thus far (not much experience). Anyways getting a little off topic, so yea, HD6XX's are awesome cans and I couldn't recommend them more strongly to anyone interested in entering into the audio world!
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  6. funkisound
    Maybe look at open-back planar magnetic headphones, planars are know for their punchy and extended bass.
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  7. dakanao
    I must say, I LOVE the sound of my HD 6xx with the Mogami 2893 cable + Chord Mojo. Problem is because the cable is thick, the HD 650 keeps sliding of my head fast.. I did try adjusting the headband slider numerous times, but they still eventualy keep sliding off, reason being is because I have to stretch them quite wide vertically everytime I put them on my head to get an ideal fit for my ears, so the clamp gets lesser, making them slide faster over time with that headband setting.

    I'll connect the stock cable the next time I'll have a session with the HD 6xx, and see if that helpes the issue a little bit (but at the cost of a bit of refinement in the sound)
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
  8. bcaulf17
    My HD6XX headphone shipped early, I was surprised to find them in my mailbox today! I ran up to my unit and plugged them into my MacBook, no amp or anything, put on one of my favorite test albums (Avalon by Roxy Music) and realized within minutes I was in love. This is just a great sound. Warm, detailed, rich and easy. I'm loving the vocals and midrange. I guess I like warm :) I also like that they don't sound worlds better than my H6 Gen 2, something I was afraid of. Those are a little colder and tighter but compliment this headphone nicely. I was worried I would never want to use them anymore or that they would sound way off by comparison. Another surprise, they already sound this good without an amp, and they get loud enough. I both like this and dislike this. I like it because it turns out to be more efficient than I expected. I dislike it because I just ordered the Magni 3 the other day so I’m hoping it does make some difference or else I will have wasted a little money lol. Some things I think can be improved; the soundstage is definitely a little intimate, and they do lack a tiny bit of clarity up top. The clamp is a little strong, but not painfully so. I love the way the pads feel.

    Anyway, I am very satisfied with these headphones. It's such a classic, and I don't think I would be much happier spending any more for any other headphone. I'm saying this after only maybe an hour with them. This and the H6 (for closed and portable required listening) are all I should need. I can't thank Massdrop enough for producing one of the leading headphones for only $200.

    If Sennheiser made a closed variant like they did for the 800 I’d probably jump on it!
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  9. DavidA
    I think you will find that the Magni3 will give the HD650 a bit more dynamics, subtle, but helps IMO.

    As for a closed version of the HD650 take a look at DT-150, a bit of an ugly duckling but its fairly close to the HD650 sound in a closed design.
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  10. bcaulf17
    They sure are lol...I don’t think I could wear those at work or while walking around; the main reason I need a closed back. They also look pretty uncomfortable. Anyway, I think I’m pretty happy with these two.
  11. SP Wild
    The Valhalla 2 is an awesome tube amp for just about any headphone and is particularly well suited to the HD650.

    My BH Crack with speedball upgrade is also well suited, however, I generally recommend people the Valhalla 2 over the BH Crack due to versatility.

    The Valhalla 2 is an incredibly transparent tube amp, and is largely one amplifier I would recommend again and again and again and again...
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  12. jimmers
    Just think about Pink Floyd, Queen and many other groups using the DT-100 when recording in the studio, exactly the same look but only in beige and missing the highs and lows of the DT-150.

    I bought a pair of DT-100 purely for historical/fugliness reasons. :)


    He's wearing them the wrong way round, as many seem to.
    They are very, like all day, comfortable, had to be for studio use.

    I own HD650 and HD6XX they sound OK on anything but great on a "suitable" amp

    edit: FYI, I run my 650 balanced from a Jotunheim
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2018
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  13. DavidA
    A fashion conscious person :L3000:, then I'd suggest the older Momentum on-ears like these:
    I'm not sure if you can find them new these days since they have been discontinued for 2 or 3 years IIRC. I was able to buy 8 of them back in 2014 from Amazon warehouse in "like new" condition for $54-65, depending on the color and gave them for x-mas gifts to my GF and other female friends and they all love them due to the colors and they don't look half bad on most heads. While not quite a closed HD650 in sound they are fairly inoffensive like the HD650, light weight with a low clamping force, very comfortable alcantara ear pads, and comes with 2 cables, one which has a control/mic.
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  14. jimmers
    I have the original circumaural Momentums in black, not particularly HD650 like, but nice enough, smooth, good isolation and OK for being seen wearing (but not for big ears:mouse:, Mk2 better for that)
    I use mine at work when I want to shut sound out.
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  15. bcaulf17
    Have you heard the H6? I quite like them enough that I feel no need to replace them with another closed headphone...

    The Momentum was a consideration early on as were several others but went with the H6. Those Momentums look nice, so does the pup :)
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2018
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