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Sennheiser HD650, Custom made silver cable

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  1. crappyjones123
    For Sale
    Functionally 10/10. Cosmetically, the head band has chips of paint missing which is common with headphones that have been around for a long time. The grills on the side have very minor paint loss from the previous user. I put on a new pair of ear pads about a year ago but its been sitting in the box the entire time. I am in medical school and just don't have time to listen to them at home (100% of headphone use in the library is with jh16s). Sold the crack amp recently so these are up next. Got them around 2010 but put maybe 200 hours of listening time on them during that time. 
    Also for sale is a custom made cable from pure silver with 1/4" termination. I have heard all of the aftermarket cables out there and this one really does make the 650s come to life the most. 
    Price for both sold together is $300 shipped in the CONUS using paypal gift. Fees on buyer if using regular paypal. I also accept USPS money orders, credit cards (2.9% fees), western union transfer and bank of america to bank of america bank transfer. 
    I will separate the headphones and cable if there are buyers for both. Don't pm me if you are interested in buying just one item - post down below. Once I have received payment from both parties, I'll ship the gear. 
    I reserve the right to sell to members with more feedback. With new members, I accept USPS money orders or western union transfer only. 
    I have more feedback here. FredMiranda.com is a photography forum where I have close to $30,000 in transactions - 
  2. crappyjones123
    Just incurred some medical expenses. Need these gone. Price lowered to $325. 
  3. crappyjones123
  4. guerillaw
    I am interested in the cable if they end up being separated. 
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