Sennheiser HD600 Portable/Home package
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May 13, 2002
I recently put a Sennheiser HD600 / HeadRoom portable/home package on ebay. Basically, it's the phones, a Cosmic amp, CD player, bag, power supply etc - all in good condition.

The reserve price which is not stated is $875. If anyone who looks at this collection feels that $875 is not reasonable, I'd very much like to hear from them. It's about half the going price from HeadRoom.

I'm selling this gear by the way because I've already got AKG K-1000's and will be getting Stax Omega II's - there's just so much stuff I need.

If you are looking for a complete portable/home headphone system, this gear warrents a look.

John Bourg

The Ebay item number is 1352261622. There are pictures and a full description of what's in the package.

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