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Sennheiser HD600 in Box, $220 Free Shipping

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by adlevision, Nov 22, 2018.
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  1. adlevision
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Other (see description)
    Best offer:
    hd600.jpg $220 includes shipping to U.S. or Canada, or $200 + actual shipping and insurance anywhere.
    $400 shipped for HD 600, stand, and IFI ICan Micro!

    * in original presentation box
    * includes original 6.3mm adapter

    Purchased May 2014 and will include proof of purchase from Headphones.com. I bought these at the same time as a speaker system that I started listening to much more than headphones, so I'd say these have an average of one hour per week for four years. No signs of wear that I can detect, but I'll call it "normal wear" in case someone takes a magnifying glass to them.

    Everyone knows these cans, right? "The" reference phones from 1997. More neutral with more forward midrange than the HD650s. If you pick up your laptop and shake it, at least a few reviews of the HD 600 will fall out, all calling them "the best thing since sliced bread," "still the best all-rounder," etc. But here's a nice reflection by Tyl that influenced me when purchasing:

    The all-metal, ultra-low-noise banana hanger...I mean headphone stand in the picture is NOT included, but I can throw it in for whatever the additional shipping charge becomes.

    FYI: Also selling an IFI ICan Micro in original box I can ship with the headphones for an additional $200. I recommend the bundle, because the ICan's crossfeed circuit and X-bass together specifically address the only two "complaints" some people have with the 600s: soundstage and bass. I think the 600s are perfect as-is, and were the best phones I ever heard until purchasing the $1,500 Focal Clears that replaced them (Tyl called these the "best headphones I've ever heard"), but the ability to tailor the sound can be very important for some folks, and is a nice tool for all, not available on the Magni 3!
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
  2. brencho
    Or $200 w $20 shipping
  3. adlevision
    The last pair of more expensive phones I mailed cost me $56 at the UPS store. It'll be more than $20 to ship these after I purchase insurance. But $200+buyer pays shipping is absolutely good with me.
    wje likes this.
  4. brencho
    It's all good man just weird sense of humor. I have a pair of these that I paid about this much for and they're great.
  5. adlevision
    finally got a picture uploaded.
  6. adlevision
  7. sharktopus
    If there are pictures, they aren't showing up
  8. adlevision
    That's odd. The file is attached both to the original post and this reply. I'm blind, though, so can't verify the results. I'll ask someone to check it out later. hd600.jpg

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