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Sennheiser HD600 Discontinued (?)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by roth_s, Dec 31, 2010.
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  1. Roth_s
    Got information from Cory at Sweetwater the HD600 is discontinued (according to Sennheiser).
    Throwing it out there to see if others have heard same. Check your sources and give us a heads-up.
  2. vrln
  3. DjAmTraX
    My headphones dealer told me the same thing. I'm glad I have both.
  4. b0klau
    [​IMG] im gonna miss that weird ironstone/marble finish...
  5. keanex Contributor
    The 555s and 595s were also discontinued in favor of the 558/598 right?
  6. ktsai1283
    I've been planning to buy an HD 600 when I get out of school and finish the board exams, which will be in mid-July...
    Well, here's to hoping that Sennheiser replaces them with 608/658 models (minus the faux marble finish, please!) or even a 7xx model and that by the time I'm ready to buy, there will be enough listening impressions here for me to make a good decision.
  7. Willieboy
    Wow, that is news.  I've had the HD 600s for 2-3 weeks.  Glad I got them when I did.
  8. Argyris Contributor

    If you're not opposed to buying used, I'm sure when the time comes you'll be able to find one in the FS forum that has been well cared for by a loving Head-Fi'er. If you've got your heart set on the HD600, that might be your only option going forward. You'll save money, too.
  9. monterto
    very curious to see what replaces them...
  10. senndroid
    ...is this for real?
  11. idletime1213
    If they do replace them, make it something similar but improved without hitting the $500+ mark. They really need something in that spot between $300-$500. Then maybe a "HD 658" from $500 to $800.
    Just for the love of God, keep the smooth and textured sound and don't go the way of brightness.
  12. smashing
    I seriously think that the bigger audio companies are re-looking at their mid-range headphone market and trying to create some distance (in terms of pricing) from those new headphones targetted at the tech-savvy crowd. Reason why Beyer is trying so hard to promote their baby-tesla technology. Won't be surprised if Senn came out with some new technological advancement stuff that simply act as marketing tool to make them look different from the Beats and Boses. 
  13. BlackbeardBen


    Have you seen the marble finish in person?  It's actually very classy looking, not bad at all.  I was skeptical based on photos, but it's really stunning in person.
    If they are actually discontinued, it's really interesting that their successor(s) hasn't/haven't been introduced or even hinted at yet.
    Perhaps the $1000 gap between the flagship model and the next step down will be addressed?  There's almost nothing in the $500-$900 price bracket.
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  14. Argyris Contributor


    You mean like E.A.R.? It's already here.
  15. MacedonianHero Contributor


    HD800s. [​IMG]
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