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Sennheiser HD598 or Grado SR225e

  1. SisterFister
    I've got about $200 I can use to upgrade from my AKG K240, and these two caught my eye. I mainly listen to classic rock like Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, etc, and I do a lot of gaming. Any suggestions?
  2. KG Jag
    Not many have yet the the new Grado.  So you may have to wait for a while for an answer.  In fact the only detailed professional level review of any of the new Grados that I have been abloe to find was of the top of the line PS1000e.
  3. zunehdrocks
    Theres also the hifiman he300 (pretty big price drop in the US), soundmagic hp200, and phillips fidelio x1 (this probably has the most bass)
  4. Sam21
    I have both the SR225i and the HD598.
    HD598 has a better soundstage and is more balanced while the SR225i is more musical...for music I personally would choose the Grado...For gaming the HD598 is more suitable... now I am not saying the HD598 is bad for music, some people actually prefer the HD598 for jazz and classical...I guess in the end the person's taste matters the most in choosing a headphone...
  5. SisterFister
    I've discarded the idea of the 598s and now it's either the sr225e or HE 300, can someone who owns a pair of these describe them for me? Thanks to everyone who replied 
  6. zunehdrocks
  7. zunehdrocks
    Heres a review of the hp200
  8. SisterFister
    I've been hearing a lot that the Grados are very uncomfortable, and if thats true thats a big no-no. I cant try these headphones out, so what would you guys recommend, and why?
  9. Sam21
    Some people think it is comfy, others think the opposite. I personally think they are ok ... they dont clamp...they just need to be positioned properly and this takes some time to get used to.
  10. SisterFister
    So it looks like I'm going to get the HE-300s over the Grados for the comfort, before I order are there any other headphones I should know about that would be better for rock? Comfort is a big factor.
  11. meringo
    Did you end up getting the HE-300?
  12. DavidA
    I have both the SR225e and HD598:
    SR225e: if you like a really open can with decent bass and sparking highs.  As with most I can only wear them for 1-2 hrs max (tried washing them and even tried the G-pad which is more comfortable but changes the sound too much for me).  I am able to use my S5 Galaxy Fiio X1 and X3 to drive these and they sound pretty good.  Listening area needs to be quiet for these headphones, no isolation what so ever.
    HD598: the comfort is one of the best, close to my HD-700 and Fidelio X1.   The sound is more balanced than the SR225e and the bass goes lower making it a headphone that I can listen to for very long periods (I can fall a sleep with them on very easily).  These are also fairly efficient so most sources can drive them but they do scale better than the SR225e when used with better DAC/AMP.  Look on Amazon, currently $147, at this price hard to beat.  These have better isolation than the SR22e but you still need a fairly quiet area to listen.
    If you an extra $50, I would go for the Fidelio X1, to me it takes the best of the SR225e (sound) and HD598 (comfort) and adds a low end that both don't have.  Has pretty good isolation for an open headphone and is efficient enough to use a smart phone or DAP without the need for additional amplification.
    Hope this helps with your search.
  13. meringo
    What did you end up getting?
    I bought the SR-225E over the summer and have been totally blown away... they sound a lot better than previous versions and quite the incredible soundstage for Grados compared to the "i" series. I've been rocking the 225E, but recently started to do more gaming with family and friends. I've decided that it's time to part ways with my 225E to be able to afford the AKG Q701. I currently have both sets present and would like to directly compare them for everyone, since most people have probably made a lot of assumptions about the Grado based off of previous versions... I can tell you... these aren't your dad's Grados. 
    As soon as the AKG showed up at my door, I began comparing. I feel that the highs on both sounded very similar.... that very clear, glassy tone that famously widen the AKG was also present with the Grado. Mids are better on the Grado - much more in your face which some people will like, others will hate. THe music surrounds the voice, where as with the AKG blend the vocals a lot more. Lastly the low end. I feel they AGAIN performed on a similar level. The Grado generally had more bass impact, but the AKG had more separation. Example, bass drum kick vs bass guitar was easier to separate with the AKG. The sound stage is slightly larger on the AKG, but not by much... this surprised me greatly, as I've always seen the Grado linup as narrow. Admittedly, I've never gone so high up the Grado food chain. I briefly owned the SR-80i, and these 225E are in a different class.
    Now I'm torn... The Q701 are in fact better for gaming based on separation and comfort, but is it worth losing about $30 overall to sell and keep the Q701 for my purpose? I don't know...  As a New Yorker, I also feel obligated to keep the hand crafted in NYC Grados. 1st world problem indeed.
  14. WilliamLeonhart
    What amp did you use with the Q701? It can be quite amp-picky. But then as a Grado fanboy, I'd go for the SR225 any moment.
    Also for Grado DON'T bother anything with the pads, don't wash them rinse them etc. Bend the headband out to reduce the clamp force on your ears. Grados recommend doing so (read the box they come with), and that's the only thing that determine how long you'll be using your Grados at a time.
  15. meringo
    I have tried them in 2 different setups, nothing too high end. 
    1: Headphones --> Fiio E6 --> Astro Mixamp 5.8  without Dolby headphone activated (adds wireless via a 5.8GHz band) with the receiver plugged into my cpu. 
    2: Directly into my cpu's Sound Blaster Z, which features a dedicated headphone amp.

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