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Sennheiser HD598 or Beyer DT990 Pro (250 Ohm)

  1. aduman
    I am going to get one of these. I'll use it mostly for gaming and sometimes for movies and music. I'll be using them both on my PC and iPhone, iPad etc. My PC has a motherboard that can drive up to 300 Ohms headphones. Can you guys help me decide?
           HD598 Price: 300$
           DT990 Pro Price: 270$
    These are my local prices.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. KG Jag
    Have you researched the sound signature of each?  They are very different.  The one you like over the other is likely to determine which can you select.
    One more thing--the 250 Ohms rating of the 990 Pro is an issue.  It's not likely to work well unamped from your iDevices.
  3. nutellarise
    By the way - you can get them off of amazon for under 200, unless you're in a different country
  4. aduman
     Can you explain their sound signatures please? I really am a noob. Thank you so much.
  5. aduman
    Amazon doesn't ship to my country :frowning2: Thanks anyway.
  6. Me x3
    Sennheisers are smooth sounding headphones with pretty neutral bass response and soft highs while DT990 have more mid bass and their highs aren't soft at all.
    In my opinion DT990 pairs very well with most audiophile recordings but sound thin and sibilant with most modern/over bright/compressed recordings.

    I think HD598 has bigger soundstage.

    Best Luck!
  7. aduman
    Thanks for the reply!
    There is only one thing holding me back from pulling the trigger to get the HD598. It is made in China. As far as I know the DT990 is made in Germany. Does this matter? Any ideas about the build quality of these headphones? Thank you so much. All the help is much appreciated!
  8. aduman
    The HD598's are not available in my country anymore... They are all out of stock so my only option is the DT990 Pro's now (250 Ohm version). Can you guys recommend a portable amp for me to use with these? Thanks.

    Btw Which devices can I use the portable amp with? For example can I use it with a desktop PC,Playstation 3, iPhone, iPad ?

    Btw I'm not going to do any bass boosting stuff. A decent level of bass is enough for me.

    All the help is much appreciated. Thanks! :)
  9. KG Jag
    Perhaps it would be helpful to state your home country and/or what portable amps are available to you.
  10. aduman

    Thanks for the reply!

    I'm from Turkey but I can get the portable amp from eBay. Thanks for asking.
  11. Me x3
    You should consider Fiio E07K or Fiio E17. Both Dac/Amps. You can use them as Dac + Amp with your computer (via USB) and as an Amp with your portable player (Mp3 player, iPod, Smartphone, etc.)
  12. aduman
    Thanks! But what about the Playstation 3?

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