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Sennheiser HD598 help

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by stick4, Oct 16, 2011.
  1. stick4
    hello head-fi forum.
    Im pretty new here and i just bought a pair of 598 and ive got a small problem,i think the left ear is harder than the right,does someone have mono-channel sounds that can be used for me to test if my headphones are indeed unbalanced since i got them pretty cheap of the internet(150€) so maybe their fake or its just a production fault (i got them from bax-shop so maybe someone knows if their fake or should i just return them and ask a new pair.And ive also been wondering if its a burn-in issue 0.o since ive had some headphones once that were slightly louder on the right but as time passed they got equalized or i just stopped noticing the difference.thanks alot hope someone can help me
  2. Hifianddrumming
     What source are you using? If you're using a bad source then sometimes you will have that problem. I've never heard of BAX shop but I'll look into it. If it really gets bad, you could use a channel balance in sound preferences (I know you can do that on macs), until you can get a new pair.
  3. stick4
    im using my laptop right now as a source (ill buy an amp soon since i heard it helps alot fiio e7 is good right?) and i use flac files so quality isn't the issue it might just be my ears ill ask a friend tommorow to listen if he hears a difference and is there some music/sound file that i can try out to see if their even?thanks alot and i can balance it i guess and i just registered my headphones (used the serial number)and sennheiser accepted it so they must be real 0.o and bax-shop is dutch but alot of people know it and they sell lots of studio equipment so i dont think its fake 0.o i could return it to bax and ask for a new pair (i hope they will say yes :D)

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