Sennheiser HD595 Impressions Thread
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Set software volume to max, including windows volume (both wave and master sliders) and control the volume from the analog pot on your amp.

I dont think I'm ever going to change my cans from 595s unless they break (it's been a year since I got them). There is nothing wrong with their sound to my ears.
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Originally Posted by santiclaws /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I believe the "recommended" procedure is to put the volume of whatever application you're using at 100% and regulate with either the volume knob or with the Windows volume. I could be wrong though, it's probably happened before, although I don't recall such an occasion.

Ok thank you for the tip
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I LOVE MY HD595's! paired up with my X-Fi platinum.. I know I can get better sound though.. Just so many different sources I can choose from (bithead, emu 0404 etc) I dont even know how all the switches work anyway! lol but I def need to upgrade my source I think.
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I've been looking at the Sennheiser HD-595 for awhile now, but I have a question concerning their color. Are the HD-595s black and gray in color or black and gold in color? I've seen pictures in which both could be the case.

Anyway, any answer to my question would be appreciated!
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It is gray with a little greenish tinge that might look a little gold at some angles with the correct lighting. The 555 is lighter gray without a greenish tint for comparison
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For Christmas, I got my dad a Sennheiser PC151 headset w/ mic, because his old Logitech set had broken, and I'd heard good things about the Senn's. I got a chance to listen to them, and it was immediately apparent that they sounded way better and were way more comfortable than my Logitechs, so I wanted to buy myself a new pair and started reading around. Well, hearing a better sounding headphone set me down the path of wondering what else is out there that's even better, which led me (after reading up on a lot of headphones) to buying myself the HD595's with a HeadRoom Total BitHead amp.

I've had them for a couple weeks now, and I've been completely blown away by them! I'm obviously a newbie to high-end audio, so I don't have much to compare them to, but these things bring my music and games to life like nothing I've ever heard before. I rarely listened to headphones before (because mine were junk and my speakers sounded better), but I've been listening to these almost non-stop since I got them, and I'm completely in love with these headphones!
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Anyone using the LD MKII (formerly LD 2++) or the DV 336i with the Senn hd595? I'm thinking of buying a tube amp and I'm interested in the DV 336i but I wanna know if it is worth against the MKII and if it will sound good. My source is a EMU 0404USB. I listen to a lot of music so the sound should be versatile, ranging from Metal to Classic and everything in between. Although I focus on Metal, Psychedelic Rock and Jazz.
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If i absolutley hated the veilness and dark sounding of HD580, should i bother trying HD595?
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Originally Posted by Cid /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The veil is still there with the HD595s. Main reason I sold them, to be perfectly honest.

10x . I'll stick with Grado and AKG than.
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I finally bit and ordered a pair of 595's (my second pair of phones since this site). I hate waiting for new toys to arrive.
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Originally Posted by OvidiuDanut /img/forum/go_quote.gif
If i absolutley hated the veilness and dark sounding of HD580, should i bother trying HD595?

I absolutely don't hear any veil with my 595s. They are very forward and bright, maybe 75% as much as SR-60s.

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They are forward but listen to the attack of notes on pianos for instance and compare them to a real piano. the percussive hits inside the piano are softened to the point that they are blurred. They lack a hard edge to the sound. That is the 595s veil. It doesn't really bother me much but it is there
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May not be the place for it ... but since I'm wanting to upgrade to the 650's, though I'd mention there's a brand spankin new pair of HD595's in the for sale section that I'll let go for cheaper than you'll find them online.

This may be against the TOS ... dunno ... but didn't know how many of you check that section or if you knew someone looking for some 595's ...
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Well my Journey into the world of "Head-Fi" ..started today when my HD595's landed on my desk in work. It's to dam easy to order gear on the web.!

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