Sennheiser hd439, are they the best for this price range & ear phone hesitation
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Jun 21, 2015
I would buy this headphone for use on pc game and music, i want know if they are the best headset for  this price range ?
And also for outdoor use, i would buy one earphone, i love the Sennheiser CX 300-II Precision but, there is the Sennheiser Cx 3.00 too, what is the best ? 
Thanks you very much ! (sorry for my bad english im french)
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For the headphone I'd recommend the Gemini DJ HSR-1000:
For IEM (earphone) you might want to have a look here:
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439 is ok.  I'd take a Superlux EVO or Tascam MX2 instead though.  The HSR-1000 and Takstar 2050 are good too.  The EVO and 2050 are open and leak sound.  EVO has big pads, and even usually comes with an extra set.

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