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Sennheiser HD250 Linear Impressions Micro-Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by malfunkt, Apr 22, 2017.
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  1. RogueWolfe
    I can second both as well! I actually just added one of his cables (thanks Jon!) to my newly bought NOS 250 II. Didn't realize we had a thread for them as well! :)
  2. n05ey
    Well, just picked one of these up today. Looks like everything is still in pretty great condition. Sound is pretty special and Agnes Obel was amazing even sitting on the bus with the general roar in the background. I look forward to running a few side by side comparisons with my srh1520...

    Still trying to work out whether this for $25 is a better find than the hd580 for $20...
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  3. trellus
    Wait, wait... you paid $25 for HD250 and $20 for the HD580?? :O
  4. n05ey
    Yeah, pretty insane finds on gumtree here in Sydney. Both of them were in really good nick except for headband and pads on the hd580.
  5. n05ey
    Well, I have been thoroughly enjoying these. They make it hard to find time to listen to the srh1520's, hd580's or hd650's. It is a really great can to listen to either picking out details or just letting the music flow, a pretty rare double in my experience.

    Straight out of the nano black gives enough volume for office listening and the smoothness takes a little of the edginess out of the linear.

    Super happy!
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  6. josecunyat

    I just got a HD250 linear 1 300Ohms from Ebay and I noticed they send it to me without the parts 11 (outside of the driver) and 13 in the picture attached.


    The headphone sound is terrible, no bass at all.

    Also it came with some Chinesse pads that are honestly terrible. So they might not help neither...

    But with this felt disk and without this 13 part (that looks to me like a molded felt) I don't think this headphone can sound great never again...

    Do you think there is any way to recover it or find those parts?

    Can you upload some picture of the internals of your headphone so I can compare?

  7. ProLoL
    I've had the same problem when I got my first HD250 pair, had absolute no bass at all.
    After some research, one guy that knows a sennheiser's engineer, he said that HD400 foam is the closest to the part 13.
    I purchased and used the HD400 foam as an inner foam, the opening towards the ear and the closed side towards the driver, hooked up ZMF universe pads and whoola, best bass I've ever heard and my most favorite headphone of all time.
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  8. josecunyat
    You mean this pads?
  9. ProLoL
    Yup, the first option is the way to go!
  10. josecunyat
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2019
  11. Monsterzero
    Have you tried emailing Sennheiser? Ive read they keep parts on hand for many of their discontinued headphones.
  12. josecunyat
    I don't think they would offer the parts they have for their own tests, research or product maintenance to me... I am not so confident about this headphones anyway. I paid a big amount for a headphone that is missing some parts, and I am thinking that might miss some more. I see the cup on the back have a hole and I can see felt coming out. I have seen pictures of the linear II and there is a plastic part closing this hole. Maybe the linear I is missing this part (I couldn't confirm with the pictures I have seen). But most people seems to agree that the only difference between the two headphones is a slightly different cup. So I feel I had been scamed at ebay. The parts will get to me on Monday, and if they don't do the trick the headphone will go back to their previous owner. He was selling it as a audiophile piece in excellent working order and condition. Well... I would upload the REW results here, but I am new in the forum and I don't know how to do it... Looks and sounds more like a disaster to me...
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
  13. ProLoL
    I tried some similar leather pads, although it sounds great, the zmf universe gave me the best results. You're listening through the R2R11? it'll be a treat.
  14. Hifiboi69
    This is so true it is laughable. My first pair of HD250 linear 1 600ohm had really weak bass. It basically has velours replacements and over sized outer foams. I also suspiciously bought a NOS pair HD250 I 600ohm just to be sure, and it was really a night and day difference.
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  15. josecunyat
    I have got the DT770 pads, they don't change much. At around 100Hz I get 92db, and then lower than that it drops in straigth line to 44db at 10Hz.

    I can understand that the frequency response change if there is some part missing. But this seams to me like a really big difference to the stock. My buck that there is something wrong on this headphones.
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