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Sennheiser HD25-1 II? But the Alessandro MS1i is screaming at me ><

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by whoelse, Jun 22, 2011.
  1. whoelse
    In my many years of HiFi System, I never venture into portable system like recently. I guess HiFi system and 2 years old kid in the house doen't mix well. Although I spend most of my time with system, I always want a set of Grado. Mostly the look and I think I will also enjoy it's sound since I like fast/transparent speakers like Monitor Audio Studio 2E and it's floor stand cousin 20SE.
    Recently I kind of fall in love with Sennheiser sound. I have a set of MX580 earbud, cheap but they sound quite good actually. I went ahead to get a set of PX-200II for portability and practical reason and like it a lot too. The MX580 and PX-200II sounds so similar, I can't really tell much differences in it's sound signature. I guess this is what people call the Sennheiser sound signature.
    I am thinking to get a pair of HD25-1 II because it has attain some kind of status in the Sennheiser brand and I want to have it as part of my collection. It will also do well if I connect to my main HiFi system but as of now, most of my listening pleasure is from a DAP - the Teclast T51.
    Do the HD25-1 II really sounds similar to MX580 or PX-200II but maybe better or it is a totally different class all together? Can anyone give some opinion on the sound signature to PX-200II? I heard the PX-200II sounds close to HD25-1 II like a small brother.
    THEN the Alessandro MS1i is screaming at me :D should I forgo the MS1i and just get the HD25-1 II or get the MS1i for different sound signature plus cheaper price?
    Actually MS1i price is quite similar to PX-200II, anyone have both of this? As of music, I listen to almost anything from classical, acoustics, rock, pop, jazz less R&B.

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