Sennheiser HD25-1 II Adidas Originals First Impressions & Review
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Feb 23, 2010
The package just arrived today, and I'm still having my first listen on these cans as I write this review.
Packaging (8/10):
Comes in a cardbox, headphone and accessories in plastic bags. Nothing too fancy, and easy to open. When I saw it the first time, it looked like an Adidas shoe box, but I think it looked cool.
Accessories (8/10):
A 1/4 inch jack adapter, an extra pair of earpads, and a nylon carrying bag. The carrying bag feels and looks rather cheap, a cloth bag may be better especially for the price.
Build Quality (10/10):
The entire headphone is made out of plastic, so it is very light and also very strong. The build is not as fine like the B&W P5, but it's very sturdy. Cable has the perfect length and thickness for portable use. As many of you may know a lot of parts on these headphones are replaceable if you break something. I put them in my bag with plenty of stuff in it, and my bag was filled up pretty tight, but the headphones came out in perfect condition after a day. The cables are also excellent, and feels like that they are going to last for I while.
Comfort (9/10) :
I haven't tried them with glasses, but without glasses it is very comfortable. Although these headphone do clamp on your head very tightly, and someone might not like it, but after a while I got used to them and it doesn't bother me at all. It has plenty of passive noise isolation to block out a lot of noise (so it's great for traveling). UPDATE: After long periods of listening my ears started to hurt from the pressure, so I guess it might not be the best for traveling on airplane since I used to fall asleep with headphones on.
Sound (10/10):
This is my first $100+ headphone so I'm not very experienced with them, and don't have anything to compare to (except some really cheap headphones, and IEMs).
Highs are sparkling, and clear with excellent high extension.
Mids are full bodied clear, also excellent.
Bass is powerful, goes very deep but does not overwhelm the rest of the spectrum. These cans just blow all my IEMs away including, my IE8, X10, hf5 etc. I heard some reviews saying that the soundstage is flat, but compared to IEMs I'd say it's rather wide (again I don't have a headphone that I can compare it with).
Vocals sounds very detailed, clear, warm just the way they should be. Transparency is also great, violins are analytical, and airy. Bass guitar lines sounded very detailed, I had the problem with some of the IEMs could hardly hear the bass line. With the HD25 it's very clear, and all the instruments are very clear.
So the HD25 does all the frequencies excellently, both from ipod and computer, and improves with an amp. Great build quality, and looks pretty stylish (thanks to adidas) I'd highly recommend this headphone for anyone, any genre. Only con is the comfort issue.
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Any best deal for these Adidas cans ?  All I can find so far is @ Electronic Expo. $ 166.00 ( LSDA0216 promo code). MSRP $ 279.00.
I do not really need another cans but the blue Adidas is kind of cute.
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Bought mine about 2 months ago and I'm loving it. I bought Graham Slee Voyager to amp up the sound and yes, it does make a different. You will be mesmerized...

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