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Sennheiser HD201 & HD439

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by magicman74, Jun 3, 2013.
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  1. Magicman74
    For Sale
    Time to thin a few phones out that aren't getting any use.
    First up is a basically new HD201 I bought from Best Buy in Jan basically for some modding.
    I added a pair of HD 419 Velours and recabled them with a 4 ft Denon D2000 Cable.  I'm asking $30, you figure I paid full retail of $30 and the Velours cost me $18 from Sennheiser.
    Next up is another basically new HD 439 I also bought in Jan.  I have done the Bass mod (One Hole)..I paid full retail again which was around $99. I'm asking $45, They will include both the short cable and the longer cable(Never used).
    EDITED for BLOW OUT, Take both sets for $60...USA shipping ONLY at this price!!!!
    If you want both I'll eat the paypal fees, If you only want one add 3%...  pics coming in a few!!!
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