Sennheiser HD 700
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Dec 29, 2014
If you live in Washington State, I can also deliver in person (Seattle-area).
$380 does not include the 3% Paypal fee. Please send $392 to cover the Paypal tax otherwise send as a gift.
$380 does include shipping via UPS. I won't use USPS unless the buyer requests it. USPS is awful, and it should feel bad. I won't use a shipping service I wouldn't want used to send something to me.
Moderately used HD700. Roughly 4 hours a week since getting it. Got it on January 13th 2015. Still in great condition. The grill has some "lines" on it from my fingernail rubbing it. That's the only issue with it, if that's even considered an issue. No idea how to use these constantly and never accidentally touch the grill. I included a picture of the grill line.
Here's the origin of this HD700:
Then sold to me from:
This will be shipped to you in the original Sennheiser shipping box (maybe, it's in rough condition. When I pack it up we'll see if it's up to the challenge). Everything is included that I got it with. The fancy black case and soft foam thingy, the manual, and the headphone cable.
Will not accept trades. Unless it's a DeLorean. Then I will think about it.
I work a graveyard schedule. If you buy this, please understand that it's possible due to both of our schedules that each reply may come half a day to a day later. Not because I'm a mean person and enjoy keeping you waiting, but because I'm sleeping during the day.
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