Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
  1. TC44
    Yes, I was pleasantly surprised by the pairing and happy it's lightweight and lets me be mobile. I'll need to look into the BH Crack and Ember...sure they take the HD700 up a few notches.
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  2. DavidA
    I'd say just a different tuning and not an improvement since to my old GF the BH Crack or Ember made the HD700 to smooth sounding for her preference with the music that she liked. One reason she liked the HD700 was that it let most of the surrounding sound in so she was always aware of her environment / surroundings.
  3. hikaru12
    I've kind of had it with the 700s. They're great for detail but after getting the 650s I've found my preferred sound signature is definently a more warm, mid, bassy centric sound. I couldn't find a good enough pairing for the 700s to want to keep them around. I have them listed on the Classifieds. I just don't want to spend more than the headphone is worth trying to fix it. With warm tubes they don't sound right, with detailed tubes they sound fatiguing. Maybe a warm DAP might fix it's sound signature for me but honestly I don't really listen to lots of Classical which I think these excel at. Warm headphones like the 650s seem to do better at Jazz and Acoustic for me than the 700s, although the 700s have more of a crisp bite which does well for metal and acoustic as well (depending on your preferences). It's a shame because I really wanted to like them but I can at least say they helped me find my "end-game" sound signature.
  4. Marlowe
    I guess we have very different ears. Frankly, I don't understand how the HD650 can be described as "bassy centric." I've been listening to the HD6XX for about 6 weeks, and the distinct lack of bass compared to the HD700 is one of the primary reasons I still prefer the 700s. Others are the 6XX's claustrophobic soundstage (for an open headphone) and lack of detail and separation compared to the 700. My IE80 IEMs have at least as wide, if not wider, soundstage than the 6XX. I do enjoy the 6XX's presentation of mid-range vocals and generally use them for material emphasizing female vocals.
  5. hikaru12
    Warm cans usually have a mid bass hump which I realized with the more firm stock pads. The new pads being shipped by Sennheiser diminish the mid-bass a bit but with the right tubes like some Telefunkens or Philips the bass is quite good. I believe the 700s have better sub bass. The bass is faster with less bloom than the 650s. The 650s are just less fatiguing and better for vocals which comprise a majority of my music. The recessed mids in the 700s basically made it so the only thing you'd be listening to in your tracks is the detail going on behind the scenes and not the actual material itself!
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  6. DavidA
    Agree with you that the HD700 is not as good for vocal centric tracks, but they are great for classical, EDM, electronic jazz and large symphonic stuff.
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  7. hikaru12
    I really enjoyed the 700s for actually analyzing beats believe or not. It was very good with that especially when boosting the higher treble 10-13k region as you could hear some crispy airyness and high detail in the upper treble. They're incredibly sharp and fun but for Hip-Hop, laid back Jazz, Chill-Hop, Bossa Nova, Brazilian music, etc. it's a poor fit. I actually don't have as much Classical anymore and while I still appreciate a good bit of Classical, I just can't get into like I could when I was a kid. Guess I'm more of a fun signature lover :p Details be damned. Now having a hard time figuring out what my DAC/Amp upgrade should be from here.
  8. DavidA
    Since you already have a Valhalla2 I don't think there are too many "upgrades" that I would consider reasonably priced but if you are looking these would be my recommendations: MicroZOTL2, Elise with updated tubes, Icon HP8mk2, or Liquid Glass if your pockets are deep enough.
  9. MrMan
    Hd700 + house mod + Centrance M8 w/ boosted treble/bass for me is probably one of the funnest sound sigs. Piercing vocals with satisfying bass.
  10. hikaru12
    Thanks for the recommendations. The Elise seems like a fun OTL but I've been getting more interested in hybrids since SS usually brings more dynamics and slam and then you can tune the soundstage and characteristics with t00bs. I'm really liking what I'm reading from the Liquid Glass suggestion. I've also been lurking the past few days for the Mjolnir. Want to see if I should taste the balanced life.
  11. Marlowe
    Shrug. I hear vocals just fine on the 700s.
  12. GumbyDammit223
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  13. trellus
    Work well enough?

    I'll likely find out soon enough since Friday I ordered what appears to be the exact same cable but longer length. I was just looking for something that wasn't as thick and vacuum-cleaner like as the original cable.
  14. GumbyDammit223
    Sounds good to me and a MUCH more manageable length. I've had the Senn cable draped over my big amplifier rack for two years trying to straighten it out and it's just as bent up as when I first received it.
  15. hikaru12
    That's the one I got. Other then the ugly sleeving which doesn't really cover the red sheathed wire underneath, it's just a 2.5mm insertion, the HD700 connectors are some of my favorites.

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