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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. akg fanboy
    Not flat at all, you are better off with something more like an srh1840 if you want a flat open back studio headphone
  2. CCXR594
    I already have some Q701s with the bassport mod, which are decently flat. Do the 1840s come close to the 700 in detail? I'm looking to move beyond the Qs
  3. dazzerfong

    ​Stay away if you want flat. Elevated bass + peaky trebles.
  4. CCXR594
    Tell you guys what, it would seem that the pro audio community is less obsessive than the folks here at Headfi. Super easy to find a measured response curve for the HD-700 but next to impossible to find one for the Adam A7X speakers I frequently work on.
    EDIT: Looking at the 700 curve btw, It's not that off from the 800 up to 5K.
    HD700 (green) vs. HD800 (red)
    Taken from Purrin's review of the 700
  5. AudioMan612
    Most pro audio people don't care about specs to that degree.  They don't care about (or usually believe in) fancy cables and other "audiofool nonsense" as they would put it.  If it sounds good to their ears and translates well to other systems, they're generally happy.
  6. CCXR594
    Most of my professors do regard specialty cables as snake oil, but they do get extremely picky over other parts of the signal chain.
    I was really straining to hear the difference between optical and normal VCA compression on the demo we recently did, but the prof insisted it was reasonable and quite audible.
  7. CCXR594
    Just checked Tyll's review of the Q701, his curves don't look much flatter, in fact, there's an even more exaggerated hump between 0 and 5K.
    Imma go for the 700s dudes. 
  8. Me x3
    Those measurements aren't that great. His newer measurements look much better.
  9. akg fanboy
    The q701 is fairly flat, they have an upper mids peak but it really helps with clarity without being peaky or anything. I advise at least EQing the hd700 to some degree on the mids and upper mids, because honestly they are the last headphone you'd want for the studio which the q701 does better. The hd700s are very comfortable so that is one aspect I think we can all agree on
  10. dazzerfong
    Dunno why you're comparing them to HD800's, they're hardly flat either. Anemic bass + high trebles.
    Pretty hard to compare speaker response to headphones, as speakers is very dependent on room. Not to mention, decent speakers are designed to have a literally flat response, whereas doing the same thing for a headphone would be horrible.
  11. CCXR594
    Got some extra money to free up, going for LCD-Xs instead
  12. TK16
    Got a pair of HD700`s incoming tomorrow, open box for $320.
  13. buke9
    Good price hope you like them. Just checked your profile they will be the best out of the Lyr2 . Quite the collection of tubes I must say.
  14. LikeABell
    Hey guys, any idea whether Bottlehead is going to announce Black Friday deals? I've heard the Crack is a very good pairing with the HD700s. So I was thinking of purchasing one.
    Any thoughts/alternatives? 
  15. buke9
    The Crack with 5998 tube is awesome with the 700's. Don't know if they will have a sale but is worth it either way.
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