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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. canon007

    ​How long is the burn in? I think theres about a little over 24 hours of usage so far.
  2. SomeGuyDude
    Yeah, the 700 isn't a bass monster. I wouldn't call it bright/neutral, but that treble spike can be jarring for anyone not in the mood for it. 
  3. buke9
    Not a bass monster yes but listening to deadmau5 from my Kenzie it thumps fairly well with a little elevated volume that is. Just for kicks ; )
  4. akg fanboy

    Check my EQ correction for the HD700 in my profile and try applying a similar correction to mine. I'm sure you'll enjoy it more afterwards
  5. flaming_june
    There's a lot of good things with these HD700 that way out class any headphone that's worth just 100.  Or maybe you just got some really really good 100 dollar headphones.  
    Those are dope but since I'm saving up for a WA5 they are out of my price range.  Cheers.
  6. georgelai57
    I hope to pick one up this Black Friday
  7. SomeGuyDude
    Oh don't get me wrong, I listen to every genre that people tell me is "wrong" with the HD700s haha.
    My library is all bass-heavy rap and heavy metal, but damn if they don't make it engaging.
  8. CCXR594
    Will struggle to decide between these and a new mic and field recorder.
  9. Xamdou
    For me personally, it was the first 24 hours that made the most difference. Maybe you should try to get your hands on another pair of HD700 to compare the both of them.
  10. sohailoo
    guys i have modi 2 + magni 2 but for some reason magni 2 stopped working and i contact schiit they told i have to pay for the shipping and since i don't live in the US the shipping will cost me more than the price of a new one 
    i was thinking of getting O2 since all i need is an amp my modi 2 is working well 
    what do you think about the O2 
    am i gonna notice a diffrence between it and the magni 2 ?
    cause it will cost me more than double the price of the magni 2 
  11. Me x3

    Maybe you can take your Magni 2 to someone with a little bit of technical knowledge where you live.
    The problem could be something extremely simple to solve.
  12. LikeABell
    With a bit of EQing, HD700s sound pretty good to me from an O2. The source is a Fiio X3ii.
    Lots of details, large soundstage and tight bass.
  13. DavidA
    Never tried the Magni2 but the original Magni was just an ok amp IMO, a little on the brighter side.  I had the 02/ODAC combo, to me it was over rated and didn't pair very well with most of the headphones that I used with it.  As the other poster noted if you use EQ it might help but since I don't use any EQ the O2 with the HD-700 was quite harsh and sibilant to my GF and I.  I think most that have the HD-700 like a tube amp so maybe a Vali2 might be a better choice for the HD-700 or since you are not in the usa look into amps from where you are located, might be cheaper and hopefully you will be able to get warranty service eaiser.
  14. dazzerfong
    O2 and Magni are practically the same thing: line in, line out. Get whichever's cheaper IMO if you like the SS sound. If not, loads of tube amps to pick.
  15. CCXR594
    How flat are the 700s? Really close to pulling the trigger, but they would mainly be used for mastering and mixing. Don't want heavy coloration
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