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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. SomeGuyDude
    Hey man my favorite headphones are Beats after I replaced the cable, drivers, housing, and headbands, take a look!
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  2. DavidA
    Yes, but its still being changed/developed, I will use the individual legs attached to a simple base made of either granite, iron, or wood, just haven't had time yet.  Decided to go with tripod legs for the height adjustability since I don't have space on my listening table but also wanted the flexibility of being able to use it next to my desk and out on my lanai.
  3. dbaker1981

    That is actually a pic from when I was having them built. They have the g pads on them now.
  4. DavidA
    @dbaker1981, if you don't mine me asking, where did you get the cups?  I was looking for cups like those but haven't found a source yet.
  5. bharris
    ...annnnd I just stopped thinking about headphones.
  6. SomeGuyDude
    I admit I do want a replacement cable. Not for sonic purposes, it's just too freaking long!! My amp is maybe 18" from my head, a 1m cable would be plenty. 
  7. DavidA
    this is the view from my lanai:
    a nice relaxing view to enjoy some tunes, the picture of the fireworks in my avatar is also from my lanai
  8. dbaker1981
    Whelp gave them a listen tonight. Are they bright? Yes. But I love the sound and presence. I must say these may be better than my yips.
  9. joeq70
    I've listened to the HD700 about 4-5 times, most recently a month ago. They sound like absolute arse every single time, but I wonder now if some EQ or some bass boost or something would help. I have a vintage amp to try them with, but I've never actually taken a pair home. I'm surprised you like them more than the Ypsilons.
  10. dbaker1981

    I have them hooked up to a modi2 4490 and a Vali2. It just seems very full. I will say that my ears are not very sensitive so take that into account.
  11. LugBug1
    I still love my Grado's and always have some in the stable. Got the SR225e at the moment and I'm as happy with these as I was with the RS1i. (apart from looks obviously) the 'e' series has really refined the sound while still keeping it Grado. The Senn's for classical and Grado for Jazz. Sorted :D 
  12. SomeGuyDude
    I have a sneaking suspicion it really depends on setup. My Vali was decent but I felt like it was kinda thin. The LD MK2 made them sound sooooo much more full, but not even remotely in a bad/muddy way. Just like they "woke up".
  13. LugBug1
    I use vintage amps with mine and they sound great to my ears. Adds lots of body. I just love the 'sound' of the old classic amps though so I'm a bit biased. And it also depends if you want an invisible amp or not. One quite big problem with matching vintage amps and the HD700/800 is 'hiss' or 'hums' because of the very high impedance. These two Senns are very sensitive and with elevated treble right at the top - they will let you hear any amp noise. This varies ofcourse, but it meant I couldn't enjoy classical music on my old Pionneer, Sansui amps from the 70's for e.g.
    Amps from the 80's onwards tended to have lower impedance. The 3020 came out in 1979 and went on through many incarnations and is still made now as I'm sure you know. Magickman did an impedance test on the original 3020 in the vintage thread and it was very low (about 1. something If I remember) and he was also very impressed with the sound. These old NAD's are all I use these days (got 4 of the old buggers). They're quiet (not black as an hp amp though), sound natural and effortless whilst taming peaks and adding body.  
    They're big ugly amps but match very well with headphones ime. A cheap viable option for anyone who wants to colour the sound tubelike without the fuss of tubes.   
  14. Me x3
    I had a modern Yamaha A-S500 which has very good sound quality, black background for sure, and high output impedance for headphones.
    Great amp to warmify the sound of dynamic headphones without ruining the treble or worrying about tubes. Also impressive speaker amp for the money.
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  15. dbaker1981
    I just ordered a LD MKiii wonder if this will sound good with them.
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