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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. dazzerfong
    Tubes can only do so much: if you make it sound like your ears are bleeding, get a new pair of headphones or EQ.
  2. 36aMAN

    when i said make my ear bleeding i mean the trable is like knife in my ear

    and friend told me that tube amp will make trable better then ss amp
  3. DavidA
    If you want good sound stage then a Lyr2 with some warmer tubes would be my suggestion, will give best positional audio but the treble is not as tamed/smoothed out as the BH Crack IMO.
    If you care more about the overall sound then I would go with a BH Crack and decent tubes, postitional audio is not quite as good as the Lyr2 but the treble is smoother and not harsh.
    Between the above two amps I like my Ember as a good compromise between them.
    Start with the amp first since I think it will influence the sound a little more than a DAC, you might also want to try some EQ
  4. 36aMAN
    thanks for the replay 
    i feel good to go with LYR 2 but my main problem is the headphone is bright as hell with modi2+magni2 and not that much of details and soundstage  , so is it will be bright even with LYR 2 ?, because i heard that it will be good with tube amp and specifically with LYR 2 
    what about the dac will it make sound deffrenant !
    i mean what is the dac that will be good enough for most high end headphones ? 
    i'm thinking to bought LYR 2 first and after i have some $ i'll buy the Bifrost !
    what do you think !
  5. gibosi
    Like others who have posted here, I seriously doubt that different amps, DACs, cables or other similar changes will adequately address the problem you are having with the HD700. I have an all-tube headphone amp - rectifier, driver and output tubes - and after a year of rolling through hundreds of tubes, I was unable to successfully tame the brightness to my satisfaction.
    I think you have only two viable options. Either buy a different set of headphones or modify the HD700 (per Takato14).
  6. SomeGuyDude
    Something about these has always fascinated me. I'll have a pair here in about 3 hours, very excited to try them...
    For the record, my daily drivers have been the DT990s, and if those don't sound too sharp to me I figure these definitely won't.
    i'm using hd700 about 3 years now and i tried many many many amp , i own ( schiit products ) modi , modi 2 , vali , magni 2 , lyr 2 so i know what you saying about the treble edge , my suggestion keep your modi 2 becouse its decent dac with very good performance but for the amp you have other choice , for the budget you mention the best amp in the class is ifi ican se , compare to magni 2 , less brightness , there is no any harshness in highs , overall sound is smooth , excellent imaging , precise mids , sound stage with 3d option is fantastic , and xbass is move hd700 to another level , details and micro details is amazing , overall presentation is smooth , and the way hd700 should sound , performance is beyond ! but later you can change your dac to somthing with more musical presentation ( you should try different dac to find your preferences ) , this is the best amp you can buy to date on this price range .. IMO...
  8. Me x3
    AKG K7XX is a bassier, less refined and cheaper version of the K712
    K712 vs HD700 here
    MM2 is a good DAC/Amp
    As suggested above you can go Lyr2 and use warm tubes, or you can EQ with a quality parametric equalizer, or go Takato's route modding the headphone, these are all good advices.
    In my experience, if you want a different sound, getting a different headphone is most of the times the most straight forward, clean and not that expensive way of getting it.
    Differences among headphones are normally bigger than differences among amplifiers.
  9. SomeGuyDude
    Okay so um... within a minute of wearing these... they're the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn. 
    Coming from the DT 990's they're plenty potent. More impressions down the line...
  10. SomeGuyDude
    Nnngh, they're so sexy...
  11. psonoda

    I also have the k7xx. It sounds warmer but less acurate. Also, I do not think the k7xx scales as well as the HD700. To be fair, I have not tried the k7xx balanced. (Not sure if that is possible).

    I also have the Schiit stack, however I have the Vali which I think does a better job on the HD700 than the magni.

    Look for a better amplifier match for the HD700. I think the difference will be worth it.
  12. dazzerfong
    Of course you're talking about the treble, it's been a common complaint.

    Be realistic with your DAC/amp selection. The difference is small at best: I strongly suggest you go to a store and try out some stuff before dumping even more money I to a problem that shouldn't happen in the first place.
  13. SomeGuyDude
    Using a Vali with the hd700 myself. To be honest... quite impressed!
  14. 36aMAN
    ok let's not talking about treble because it HD700 problem and ill try modding the drivers to make treble less.
    what if i want postitional audio + a lot of details " every detail that can HD700 take" + soundstage for movies and games " my main reason to buy HD700 " is that the LYR 2 will make the job for me ? if yes can you suggest good warmer tubes to take with it ?
  15. 36aMAN
    ok i'm gonna modify it, and buy LYR 2 with warmer tubes is that good to take all that details can HD700 do and soundstage and posotional audio !
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