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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. buke9
    Agree the Valhalla 2 is good with them. I was at a meet a couple of weeks ago and was going to try them on a Crack but the power went out so didn't get to try them out.
  2. DavidA
    Haven't heard a Tubemagic D1 but I didn't like the o2/odac with the HD-700, way to harsh for me.  For a budget DAC/amp I think the Aune T1 is not bad, an old GF and another friend use it with HD-650 and K7XX.  The Lyr2 is pretty good but prefer a Ember or BH Crack with the HD-700, also depends on the tubes you are using.
  3. Bacci
    I think the HD700 is best served with Wolfson based DACs (as opposed to Sabre) and tube amps (as DavidA said, also depends which), to offset its tendency of being a bit harsh and bright, and to add more bass. My 0.02$
  4. naif1985

    First thank you all for replaying so quickly.

    My little kid is the one who broke my o2/odac so imagine what he will do with a tube amp :) .i rely liked what i read abut buttlehead crack and i wold conceder it but thaws flashy tubes will defiantly get broken in no time .so the choices that i end up with is the vallhala and the lyr cos the tubes are not so visible as the wooaudio and the Ember .id rather a ss amp but i want to tray the warmth of the tube.

    Did any one tried the d1 .and will it be better to connect tube dac with tube amp?

    One of my friends is using that combo d1 and lyr2 with he500 and he is loving it .
  5. DavidA
    I would get a project Polaris, like a ember but SS, not as much to worry about but it does have some small parts so will still need to keep away from little children, other SS option would be Gustard H-10 where you can roll op-amps, has a little of the tube sound and many like it with HE-560 to tame the highs a little.
  6. DavidA
    You might be on to something with the Wolfson chip, forgot that my X3 has one and my GF uses it almost every day with her HD-700.
  7. MWSVette
    I like mine with my Lyr and Bimby...
  8. naif1985

    I think I'm going to chose GUSTARD H10.
    Its in amazon 400$ and shipping will cost around 100$ i live in saudi arabia . I fund it in aliexpress 350$ and free shipping .

    What dac do you recommend to use with it .

    Will aune T1 be good choice?
  9. naif1985
    I gust saw the GUSTARD U12 will it be good with GUSTARD H10
  10. slex

    The newer breed of schiit will outperform those. And for less moola:grinning:
  11. SodaBoy

    If you are getting the H10, why not consider the Gustard X12? The form factor is the same, the whole rig can be stacked together, it'll look pretty nice on your desk. If you get the U12, you can stack the little guy up top. I have something similar, and it works pretty well.
    Here's a setup from blasjw.
  12. naif1985

    These will cost mor than 1200$. if i was going to spend that much i will buy OPPO HA-1.

    I am considering not more than 600$ for dac/amp.
  13. mathi8vadhanan
    Look no further than Chord MOJO.
  14. LugBug1
    I use a sabre dac (Audiolab) but pair it with a warm amp and this works well for me. After using many wolfson chips and now using a sabre, the difference in sound is not going to be dramatic enough to tame any annoying trebles. The sabre dacs are maybe a little drier and detailed but no more bright. The wolfsons have more body. But this is a huge generalisation as it all depends how they are implemented. An amp will make much more of a difference imo. 
    Also, a week in with the HD700 and I'm finding them very warm sounding. I have filters on my Dac to add a more analogue/rounded sound if need be but I really don't need to. Its maybe my ears but theres no treble probs here - its clear and extended, not harsh but sweet.   
  15. Bacci
    Yeah sorry, I was indeed generalising too much there. 
    Interestingly, after having spent a few weeks with the Crack I went back to my AMB M^3 (w/30V linear PSU and OPA627) and really appreciated its crisp and hard but clean bass on many songs, its completely black noise floor (can't tell if amp is on/off at max level) and level of resolution that is just a level above the Crack.
    Really makes well mastered/produced albums sound brilliant with the HD-700, like, say, Speaking in Tongues by Talking Heads. But it's too unforgiving on bad masters like a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Gossip, ... and of course most live albums too.
    The M^3 - HD-700 combo is also more fatiguing to the ears to listen to in general and misses the smoothness and musicality of the Crack, essentially what makes pretty much every album sound good as opposed to hit and miss. 
    So overall, at least for me, the Crack is more enjoyable with the HD-700.
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