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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. DavidA
    I have a Bimby but like the UD-301 better, thinking of upgrading my Uber to the 4490 but more interested in other DACs at this time.
  2. slex

    May Know how long you have HD700, was it too bright or just dull listening through bimby?
  3. Bacci
    Even a lot of the people who do love them had to experiment for the right combination of gear to bring out the best (fantastic balance of strong bass, smoothness vs. detail, crisp) in the HD-700, which often seems to end up being a tube amp. 
    They are for sure more polarising cans than the HD-650, which almost nobody hates.
  4. Matro5
    This may be right - I've never heard any of the downsides people mention around the HD700, but I'm driving them with a Lyr2 and well-regarded ( although not insanely expensive ) tubes. 
    Glad to see lots of new people enjoying their HD700s. 
  5. Sajakhaki
    I guess I'm just trying to understand the hate because so far everything sounds extremely good.  I run into the odd track here and there that is not well mastered and sounds terrible, but I can usually find a better version somewhere that sounds great.  Not always the case though.  But I know it has nothing to do with the HP, because comparing it to the HD 650 on such tracks I have a similar experience where it may be slightly less annoying on those, but can still tell it's a bad recording.  
    I know it's a good HP when I start to appreciate genres I don't usually listen too.  I'm a Grunge, Alt. Rock, Classic Rock guy usually.  I just happen to click on the Brain Food playlist on Spotify and was just blown away by the bass and spacial representation mostly.  I already knew these were good, but that playlist really represents what these are capable of.  
  6. DavidA
    I've had my HD-700 for about 2.5 years and my GF has had hers for about 2 years, the Bimby is pretty neutral to us but with some classical, blues and acoustic jazz it just seems a little less dynamic compared to the UD-301, but it has a slightly better sound stage so its more a choice of what we like.
  7. DavidA
    Agree with you on the use of a tube amp for the HD-700 for those that like it but I think there were a few who actually liked them with a SS, just shows that we all hear differently.  FWIW, my GF uses her HD-700 with a X3 almost every day when she walks our dog and hardly uses the HD-700 at home, she has started to use the Grado like clone I built with the ypsilon driver in walnut wood cups the most and the TH-600 when she wants to listen to pop, kpop, jpop and EDM.
    The HD-650 is a somewhat polarizing headphone between it and the HD-600 for those that have a preference between the two.
  8. DavidA
    I think its just that the treble peaks of the HD-700 really bother some and it could also depend on the genre of music that one primarily listens to.  This also is a issue with the HD-800 where many go to a lot of trouble to find an amp to tame the treble peaks.
  9. gibosi
    In each case, our brains are wired differently and our ears are constructed differently (and with age, our ears deteriorate differently as well... :frowning2: lol :). I have an all-tube amp - rectifier, driver and output - and spent a good year rolling through 100's of tubes hoping to find the perfect combination. Yes, some combinations were better than others, but I was never able to find a combination that could tame the treble peaks to my satisfaction. In the end, modding the ear pads finally did the trick for me. But for sure, different strokes for different folks. :)
  10. LugBug1
    Yes its very true about the treble peaks affecting some and not others. But I honestly think if a few reviewers hadn't went crazy about it when they first came out it would only be mentioned as much as say the DT880, HE400, K712 treble peaks. Because they aren't anymore peaky than these and certainly not on the level of classic Grado or K701/2 in regards to causing fatigue. 
    What you have got is extended treble. It doesn't roll off. To my ears it is very sweet :) 
    What I have noticed and feel free to shoot me down with science. Is that these are changing with time. Settling down so to speak. The bass is much tighter now on my amps and the sound seems much more integrated.
    Just sounding better and better.
    Another thing I'm impressed with is the imaging. It can sound very 3D like sometimes. The panning of groups of instruments when recorded well in orchestral music is fabulous. The individual timbres stay focused and real. No smearing at all. Very good separation. And the soundstage width is as wide as the original K701!! But only when the music calls for it. Very clever :)  For me the image is more pillar box (its doesn't extend as high as the HD800 but the width can actually go wider imho). It is also more intimate than the HD800. HD800 does depth and individual instruments better (more realistic).
    I'm only using the HD800 for image comparisons because they are the benchmark.
    Happy days :)    
  11. Fuzziekiwi
    Have to agree with the poster above.
    Also, owning the Q701, the Q701 in comparison to the HD700 sounded a little unnatural and the treble ever so slightly veiled in comparison to the HD700. But I feel the HD700 does everything better. Is it worth the price when it came out? No. Is it worth $500? Yes. The level of detail is amazing, and my favorite genre's have to be classical, metal, rock, synthpop, and alternative. This headphone is fast and sparkly but that really depends on the recording. It is on the brighter side. I couldn't stand the DT770's treble but the HD700 is listenable with almost everything except for treble focused recordings (most EDM, JPop, KPop) which the HD650 does better. 
    Technical death metal has never sounded so good and precise. 
  12. naif1985
    My o2/odac was broken and i need a new set up for my hd700 . I am thinking to buy TubeMagic D1 . And maybe in the further i pare it with valhalla 2 or lyr 2. Do you have any thots in that regards. I am having a hard time deciding what well saund good.
  13. Krutsch

    Get a Woo Audio WA3 and pair it with a Schiit Modi 2 Multi-bit.
  14. gibosi
    An Elise from Feliks Audio is worth considering
  15. Sajakhaki
    Valhalla 2 is very good with them.  I am also using a Modi Uber ( Multibit is on the way though!!) and it is a good combo.  I am curious about a Bottlehead crack or maybe a Darkvoice with it though.  Might be even better.  I would definitely go with a tube amp to add more body and tame the treble slightly.  Or just EQ it down a few DB at 6k.  That works too.  
    edit - I'm sure the Woo would be good too if you can afford it.  
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