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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. Kumabro
    Thank you, I have actually been looking at Schiit, how would the Schiit Stack uber work with the HD 700?
  2. DavidA
    I had the original Modi/Magni pair but it was a slightly bright sounding combo and is not something I would recommend for the HD-700.
    The second gen Modi2uber is quite good for the price and is a bit more neutral to me.  I haven't heard the new gen Magni2 so I don't know how it sounds but there are a quite a few out there that like it, just never saw it mentioned on this thread for the HD-700.
  3. GumbyDammit223

    I have a Bifrost and Valhalla 2 driving my 700's and absolutely love the setup.
  4. Kumabro
    If I only had the budget to buy it, but do you think M2&M2 Uber will do a great job? :)
  5. Kumabro
    Oh okey! Yeah I never really saw anything about M2&M2 Uber on HD-700, but it is tempting to buy a pair of them.
  6. kernel8888
    Check this out! Audeze Vegan pads on hd-700!
    Havent done too much back to back, but it does lessen the treble spikes for sure. Possibly at the expense of a small amount of openness and a TINY amount of clarity. Hard to judge because of the time to switch back and forth.
    They are able to wrap around the hd700 cup very similar to how the alpha pads wrap around the mad dog 3.2 cups and fit very securely when wrapped all the way around.
    I'd call comfort a wash. Ill try to compare for more impressions if anyone is interested.
  7. gibosi
    Or, take a pair of stock HD700 pads, cut away most of the pleather. leaving only enough to resew them back together (a la takato). The result is a pad quite similar to that of the HD800, rather flat with very little overhang. The 6k peak is reduced, voices seem to have more body and the bass is slightly enhanced. To my ears, much better. :)
  8. Skyfall
    You can have a similar result by swapping the inner pad with those from HD650. Less spikey trebles thicker mids and bass.
  9. buke9
    I did this mod and went back to stock as I found the bass to be too muddy, I don't have a problem with the spike on most recordings so it was not worth the bass problems for me. I might give the pads a new listen after not hearing for a bit so that could change .
  10. vaibhavp
    Got a burson soloist sl to match hd700. Pleased so far. No harshness. Smooth sound with very deep soundstage and great layering. I have read a lot about soundstages but its first time i am hearing it. Width is not too much but depth and front to back layering is very good.

    Soloist sl lets character of hp shine and hd700 sound noticeably warmer compared to akg k550 and on their own. I can hear strings fluttering in air surrounding it. Also vocals are much more real and detailed. Position shifts by vocalist and any dynamic changes are very obvious.

    Best part is i got soloist sl from Australia for 400 that includes very good and expensive fedex shipping. Exceptional value.

    I think 700 are driven fully now, much better than my garage 1217 amp.
  11. DavidA
    Never tried the Solstice but the HD-700 with the Ember is really good but it can be somewhat tube dependent.  Did you roll any other tubes with the Solstice besides the stock one?
  12. vaibhavp

    I asked some members about differences between solstice and ember. General consensus was it was close.

    I rolled 6n6p tube. Can you recommend any good tube that gives a good upgrade? 6sn7 i think is not compatible with solstice though am not sure.
  13. DavidA
    You can use 6SN7 tubes but you will need to get the adapter from them and change the voltage for the heater.
    I have tried a few 6SN7 tubes in my Ember but always go back to 12AU7 tubes like Telefunken, Gold Lion, and Amprex.  With the HD-700 I would normally use a warmer tube like a Mullard or Electro Harmonix but some times use the Telefunken since it is one of the more dynamic tubes that I have found.  The RCA clear top is a great bargain and is quite good also.
  14. vaibhavp

    Great. Thanks. I will check them out.
  15. HumdrumPenguin
    Hey guys, I've had a pair of HD 700s for almost 2 years now. So far I've always found the treble to be ear piercing, as many other people have stated before. What I did was work a bit on the equalizer, lowering down a tad bit on the 6k and 11k frequency. It did a sort of "ok" job for the time being. What I learned was that I'm quite sensitive for any kind of high trebles. They do bother me. In a recent trip to Korea, I bought a pair of IEM that I ended up enjoying a lot, and the sound signature was very different from my Senns. Before the HD 700 I had the HD 598, and even with the 598 I used to hear at low volume because of the treble. I'm 28 years old and I can hear up to 17-18khz frequencies if that matters for anything I'm saying here. Anyway, after seeing that I was into warmer headphones, what in my opinion is not the case of the HD 700, I started searching online for people who equalized their HD 700 and could share their preset with me, so I could try some different variations in my cans. I wasn't expecting much though. I came across a thread here in this forum where I found exactly what I was looking for. Btw, I use my cans on my computer having them powered up by my Asus Xonar Essence STX, which is the best of the best sound cards out there. I've never noticed a difference in sound output between this sound card and, let's say, 800 bucks amps. And I tested quite a bit. So it was more than fine to me. Anyway, I got the equalizer preset, still changed two things that still needed some work (in my opinion), and voila, the HD 700 suddenly changed into a MUCH. MORE. PLEASANT. headphones to hear. So I'd like to drop and image here of my exact settings in case people here wanna try it out for themselves. If I got it right, it improves a bit the bass and flattens the frequency curve after the 700hz mark. The pre amp is set at -6 to avoid clipping. On my sound card software I left at "high gain". Low gain didn't give much life to the headphone, and ultra high gain would change nothing in the richness of the sound, just would make it louder. All that brightness that bothered me on the "raw" sound was gone, and at the same time the details and instrument separation and what not were still there. It does not sound as if it was equalized by software, at all. 
    initial source:
    I'm sure some sound wizard could still improve it even further, but for now I'm quite happy with the results.
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