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Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, May 31, 2012.
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  1. DavidA
    Thanks for the reply, I've heard the Yggy and I agree its better than the UD-301 (but not 6x better) but for my sound preferences the Hugo TT, Master 7 and Pagoda are the ones that I liked.  I got to try those DACs at a friends house with some great amps that included a Liquid Gold, Liquid Glass, EC Balancing Act, and a few others.  The HD-700 with the Pagoda and Liquid Glass was heaven, very dynamic, great sub bass, smooth mids and highs that I liked better than the HD-800 on this setup. 
    Since I don't use a DAP very often (once or twice in 2-3 months) and its only for when I'm traveling sound quality is not critical due to the environment and headphones that I travel with (QC-15, XS or Momentum) so the Fiio X3/X3ii is more than adequate, but I can see for someone who is using a DAP everyday and with better headphones the QP1R makes sense.
  2. dazzerfong
    If you want smooth, this isn't the headphone to go IMO. Try the 650 if I were you. That being said, it's not grainy at all: there's no 'fake' detail added in for the sake of detail. 598's were actually 'sorta' close to the HD700? Just imagine better bass, soundstage and that peaky treble.
    It's not neutral compared to the HD600 (which is practically everyone's reference for 'neutral'). It's much more fun in that bass is more than just there, and the treble will either create magic or destroy the music. Imagine the difference between older classical recordings and modern ones: the old ones sounded shrilly on the HD700 (and thus my obsession with finding the 'perfect' renditions of my classical music), whereas the modern classical recordings which tend to be more subtle on the high-end are excellent on the HD700.
    If you can try the HD700 out, give it a try between solid-state and tube amps. Seems to be quite an important factor for some folks here: some hate it with solid-state amps, whereas others don't care at all.
    It's a lot easier to run the HD700 through your headphone jack compared to either headphones. Much easier. As in, if I top out the volume slider on my phone, I'm gonna go deaf. It'll sound a bit like it's winded a bit (kinda like a transient lag with the headphones, highs in musics don't sparkle as much).
  3. DavidA

    This is why I like them so much for watching movies, driven by my HT receiver its still great sounding and love the sound stage.
  4. dazzerfong
    When I watch movies, I require a sub that announces to everyone that I'm watching a movie. But then again, that's why houses exist. :)
    DavidA likes this.
  5. Saoshyant
    Then a basshead can is for you!
  6. samandhi
      While I absolutely love these headphones for games, I tend to agree with you for movies. I DO like them now and again for movies, but most times I love having the sub (and surround speakers too) to "feel" the sound also.
      But, I also don't use them for gaming as much as I used to either. I use a 42" tv/monitor and a sound bar w/sub and surrounds in my computer room. I guess you could say that I have given myself many options. 
      As to travelling, I will usually take either my Piston 2.1s, or my Momentum wireless (if not both, again for options).
  7. dazzerfong

    Oh no, I just want to piss my neighbours (and family) off. :wink:
  8. DavidA

    Been there, done that [​IMG]
  9. buke9
    I have a 15" sub and then a 8" for each front speakers and my rears have powered woofers in them Infinity Overture 2. I just piss my wife off unless we are watching a movie then she loves them.
  10. samandhi
      Shhh! You are giving away "man" secrets to the women. They don't know we have things that we do for revenge for asking us to do dumb ***....:)
  11. buke9
    Oops my bad ; )
  12. Krutsch
    Yeah, that's the best description of the HD-700 I've read, with my experience with related cans (minus the DT880 - I haven't listened to these).
    Every once is a while, I will hear something with the '700s that sounds unnatural and I think it's what you are describing with the treble. I confine the HD-700 to classical, jazz and ambient/electronic listening and I don't experience the issue, but whenever I listen to something like metal or acoustic, I hear that "...what's that sound?" effect.
    EDIT: and I think this is why the HD-700s sound do great with the right tube amp - it smooths out the treble issue and makes the 'phones more listenable (actually, really enjoyable and almost neutral sounding, I think).
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  13. yangian
    Thank you for the explanation!
  14. Kumabro
    Hey, gotta a pair of HD 700 running on a cheap dac/amp and I really wanna upgrade, my budget is laying around 500$, any tips?
    I have been looking at JDS Labs The Element, but I can never make up my mind, please help!

  15. DavidA
    Teac UD-301, the amps section pairs quite well with the HD-700 and you can always get a better amp down the line.
    Modi2uber and Project Ember:  Very flexible system that will be able to work with many different headphones along with the ability to roll tubes to tailor the sound to your liking.
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