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Sennheiser HD 660 S - do they clamp for real?

  1. MonarchX
    I got rid of the one a s only set of headphones I ever liked (mostly because I was never exposed to anything better...) - Sennheiser HD 280 Pro because, even after one year of being stretched over a bunch of books, it still hurty head after a few hours of wearing them...

    I was reading Sennheiser HD 660 S reviews and the only real Con that reviews mentioned was the clamping... Has anyone been able to compare HD 660 S to 280 Pro's? Was the clamping uat as bad?

    My audio card is ASUA Xonar DGX and I like it because it's the only damn card with such excellent low-latency UNi Xonar drivers... Creative drivers such in comparison, BUT they are more recent and updated with better support for Windows 10, so I am not sure...

    Does anyone remember the impedence formula? I think it was something like 10 ohms for the audio card ana 150 for the headphones...

    Finally, is there a relatively cheap DAC or amplifier or whatever else that would go well with UNi Xonar DGX and Sennheiser HD 660 S? Once again, I could live without that if it's not worth it and justnspend $500 on HS 660 S?

    Are there even better headphones for $500 - $600? I want something that would let me hear tll HQ wave and flac files like they should be heard - with HQ hardware!
  2. prymortal
    I havn't compared the HD660s to the HD280 but when i got the HD660s yes it had a noticeable clamp, No it wasnt bad but thats preference it seems. I did do the grab headband & 2 thumbs in centre trick pulling the headband out to lower the clamp & it worked to well.... Very loose now, i concider it to loose, doesnt slide down or anything just dont feel any clamp at all. My friends who didn't like the original clamp of there Sennheisers seem to love it.

    Headphone power calc

    I'm not going to put down your Audio card but yes there are a lot of Dac/Amps for cheap that can do that sound & some might concider better via usb (& S/PDIF). Schiit modi3/Magni3 , Topping D30/A30, objective2+odac would be the better sounding cheaper ones (my opinion) to look at.

    For $500-600 & "better" maybe the DT1990
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
  3. MonarchX
    DT1990 - do they clamp less than HD 660 S?

    Could you also elaborate on the DAC/AMPS advice? Although I registered a while back, I am still just as much of a noob as I ever was when it came to audio... I understand the basics of what DAC/AMPS do of course and I can also research, but so far I am not reaching any concrete conclusion as to what to get... if I were to go with either 660 S or DT1990.

    One possible solution is to go with Creative's SBZ or even later card because it already comes with a good amp or so they say... But, as I mentioned, Creative drivers are bloated and suck...
  4. prymortal
    I just suggested ones that are cheap & give a better overall sound to music (& games) without the novelty of virtual 7.1 that will ruin the sound of the HD660s & other decent headphones! Those Dac/Amps work togeather so you don't need a sound card to run them, just onboard or USB (+ wall power supply)

    Yeah they DT 1990 have less clamp comapred, different design in the headband.
  5. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Out of the box, almost.

    What you're supposed to do is fully extend the metal arms, then hold and bend it at two points - center and close to the gimbals - towards the opposite direction. Hold at each position bent for 10seconds or so and cycle through those four points, and after going through all points about five times, try it on and play with the settings a little. If not enough, repeat, try it on every two passes.

    Don't use the bookcase method on anything that has metal parts that can be bent outwards since that compresses the earpads, effectively putting wear on them without even listening. Relaxing the clamp also reduces the pressure on the earpads, extending their service life.

    8:1 ratio of load nominal impedance to output impedance. That's a very rough estimate though because a 300ohm load won't be as severel affected by a 50ohm output impedance as much as a 62ohm output impedance will be affected by a 10ohm output impedance.

    AudioGD NFB-11. I wouldn't get anything cheaper than that and I can't really recommend anything more expensive over it. If you can't spend on this just use the soundcard.

    If you were using a DAP there's the HE400S since it has comparable sensitivity to the HD650 but at a lower impedance that won't need a lot of voltage (and despite its lower impedance, its high sensitivity means it won't need gobs of current). That's a huge "if," since its 22ohm nominal impedance can be a problem even if it's a planar when you have a soundcard that has 30ohm output impedance.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2018
  6. MonarchX
    Thanks! I am still a bit confused on how to unbend the 660 S I loosened the HD 280 Pro's in just one spot, left them around book stack for some 3+ months...
  7. MonarchX
    Actually, to me, clamping is a greater issue than for most people because I have TMJ and even slightest pressure for 30 minutes results in some pain. What about the Bayerdynamic 880?
  8. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    By "unbend" you mean you want to make them tighter again? Just fully extend the metal arms and bend inwards...which is what you should have done in the first place save for bending outwards instead of leaving them on a bunch of books for three months because now you've worn down $60 pads without listening on those same pads.

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