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Sennheiser HD 600's unamped sound no different then amped?

  1. Cobaltius
    I have been using the HD 600's for over 5 months now, and when I use them unamped they sound they same as they are amped? I'm using the Asgard 2 and Modi, and I also have the FiiO E07K, still no difference?
  2. kramer5150
    That might be the case... the HD600/650 cans I have owned were never my most detail revealing.  I have other cans that are more adept at "force feeding" me every micro detail of whats upstream.
    I think once you reach a certain point in your source and amplification, the biggest difference is in depth, image and spatial placement of sounds.  So the source data / material absolutely must be highly uncompressed with a broad dynamic range in order at least for me to hear differences in amplification and source.  Even then I'll grab my K701 at that point, because my HD650 is not going to present those kinds of details as readily.
  3. kramer5150
    ... someone just the other day posted a comment regarding a Lionel Richie tune that sounded devoid/flat and lifeless with the HD600 (or maybe it was 650).  I had a similar reply in that it was a very un-dynamic recording.  To my ears it seemed like it was mastered for the general music listening population that loves highly compressed, "wall of sound" recordings.
  4. davidsh
    What you experience is not unexpected. It is not unlikely that the difference is inaudible and I don't think it is because the headphones aren't revealing enough.
  5. kramer5150
    A while ago there was a thread in the DIY forum that listed a BUNCH of headphones and their voltage swing requirements.  A way for DIY builders to taylor their designs to their cans.  IIRC the HD600 was lower than I was expecting, in the vicinity of +/- ~3V.  Don't quote me on that though... memory could be failing.  The HD600 is a very sensitive headphone though.  In that it just doesn't need much by way of power to play very loud.
  6. KG Jag
    There is no way that a 300 Ohm can in general and the HD 600 specifically (with a lower than 100 dB sensitivity rating) should sound the same unamped vs. properly powered.
    Unamped do they sound like this?
  7. Cobaltius
    Unamped they sound the same as amped so, the Bass is very clean, has good punch, mids sound neutral and dont seem to have color and are also pretty detailed and clear, treble is very detailed depending on what tracks I listen too and music genre, treble is pretty airy and the headphones do sound over all transparent, there's no veil, muddiness or crap sound I'm aware of. Lets some it up, they sound balanced, clear, neutral and have decent amount of detailed. Yup both unamped and amped.
  8. KG Jag

    All I can tell you is that they have never sounded the same to me--nor does the HD 650.
    As the article I linked states: "AMPLIFICATION: Highly Recommended".
  9. Cobaltius
    That is very weird
    I use the Asgard 2 and Modi
  10. Cobaltius
    What change do you notice?
  11. kramer5150
    The obvious needs to be stated... its a BIG assumption here that everyone listens to their music at the same volume levels.  Headphones can sound completely different at different volumes... even if you are not pushing the amplification stage into clipping.
    For me personally I find the HD600/650 sound to be very similar with all my amps.  but they do sound "slightly" more dynamic than straight out of the macbook Pro.  Note I have never done a blind ABX so it could be imagined too.
  12. billybob_jcv
    What is driving the headphones when they are unamped?
  13. KG Jag
    Amped they sound to me very close (essentially the same) as described in the link.
    Unamped they sounded tinny, with no sound stage, no dynamics to speak of, no hint of harmonics and greatly reduced frequency response, detail retrieval, imaging and extension.  In short--overall "shrinkage".
  14. KG Jag
    Always a good question.  When in use from most any device, there is always some level of power trying to drive them.
  15. Cobaltius
    Do you guys think the HD 600 would preform really well with high end stuff, like with the Schiit Mjolnir?
    How about balanced?

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