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Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, Feb 6, 2011.
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  1. simonecosta75
    Today i try whit fioo e12a after Dfr and the sound is very different .
    More more better now i love this sound
    The prb is ipad+dfr+E12a is not small and i lost portability and sense . I try to burn other time the dh600 ..
  2. Adamsolympia
       Just curious,  what particular albums totally blow you away on the 600s, giving you the "Wow, these headphones f'in rock" feeling .. I'm getting that right now on the Foreigner: Foreigner self titled album ... The Vali 2/Modi 2 + HD 600 combo truly shine on most Foreigner and Queen albums imo.
    also love Enya "The Very Best of" 
  3. RickB
    Pink Floyd - Meddle. 
  4. Eisenhower
    Any chance you happen to know what how much replacements cost from Sennheiser? I did a DIY repair of the plastic headband, which cracked, because Sennheiser was asking for like $80 or something like that for a replacement. I'm wondering if the ear pads are similarly overpriced. 
  5. Adamsolympia
      Big thumbs up -- Just now tried Meddle for first time on my 600s . San Tropez track in particular sounds spectacular, the lush 600 mids really does Floyd some justice..  I haven't heard any cans that sound as good w/ piano tracks as these.
  6. RickB
    That was the first album I tried when I got my HD600s over two years ago. [​IMG] 
  7. ZoNtO
    Ear pads are $51.93 per the last quote I got. Not sure if this is just the outer pad / donut or also the flat foam that goes across the driver housing.
  8. evmedievalol
    what's the best way to find a head fi meet in michigan?
  9. DavidA
  10. MarcusHe
    My pair just arrived, after an hour of listening I'm already in love. I feared that I might have had too high expectations of these, guess not!

    When I looked at reviews before buying my X2s a lot of people seemed to consider them on par( or even better in some cases) with the HD 600. I do not get that right now, the 600s are immidiatly clearer, less grainy and more detailed. To me it isn't even subtle, quite a big difference IMO. The sub-bass is the only part of the 600s I find lacking at the moment, but that was to be expected. Very satisfied so far!
  11. DavidA

    Congrats, looks like you have found the sound signature that you like.  I also returned the X2 but for me it was that they were too close to the X1 and I was trying to find different sound signatures.  Only thing the X2 does better than the HD-600 is that its much easier to drive properly.  Never really though that the HD-600 showed it potential unless it was driven by a tube amp.
  12. MarcusHe
    Thanks! Yeah I like the signature a lot som far. I thought I prefered bassier headphones( hence the X2s), guess I hadn't heard good neutral cans :)
  13. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    if anyone has ever wondered what it would be like if power metal with folk influences incorporated a bit of jazz as well as bagpipes, this is it. And I love my HD600 playing this.
    When I got my pair years ago it included the foam cover. 
    I'm using the Brainwavz angled earpads (velour) now. $26 from Amazon. You just need to gut your old earpads, mount the HM5 ads on the plastic, then trim the fabric that can obstruct the extrusions on the plastic that clips into the driver housing. Reduces the very loud cymbals at the extreme left and right of the soundstage, but has a bit of bass boost. I imagine the regular, non-angled, all-velour HM5 pads won't alter the sound noticeably though.
  14. goldtuba
    Does anybody here have any experience getting repair work done without a warranty.  My 2 year warranty expired a couple of months ago, and the right channel has developed a clicking noise.  I have tried multiple cables, amps, and sources and I still get the clicking.  I tried swapping the channels of the cable as well.  I'm sure that Sennheiser would be willing to replace the driver for a fee.  Does anybody here know how much they charge and an approximate turn around time?
  15. DavidA
    Did you open them up to check for a hair or other debris under the foam padding or on the back of the driver?  If you did then you can order the driver and do the replacement your self, on the HD-650 thread someone noted that its $68 per driver, really easy to change.
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