Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread
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My newly arrived HD600 (new, from an authorized dealer) has what looks like a small silver sticker on the headphone innards (towards the bottom) visible through the grille. It's only inside the left ear cup. The right side has no such thing. From what I can make out it looks like some kind of holographic sticker. It stands out from the background annoyingly, particularly as it isn't lined up straight. It's about 1/4" square. Anyone know what this is?
PS: Sorry I have no camera to present an image. But can I assume this is on all current models? 
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Am I the first person to like the HD600 more than the HD800?  I've owned the HD800 for quite a while.. and I've driven it with two of the best amps you can buy for under $1K (BH Crack & a speaker amp, the TBI Millenia w/ a custom built resistor box to match impedances & shelve down output).. and both amps drove the HD800 beautifully.  Do note, I still absolutely LOVE the HD800.. I've had it since the beginning of this year.. it's a phenomenal headphone.. and certainly more technically-capable than the HD600.  I also owned the HD600 before I bought the HD800, and just recently purchased the HD600 again.. so this is my second go around with the 600.  I've also heard the 600 many many times before buying it the first time, so I've very familiar with it's nuances).  What I'm getting at is that I'm very accustomed to both phones.
What I will say is that the BH Crack is an absolutely terrific match for the HD600.. I can't think of a single-ended amp under $1000 (maybe even a little more than that) that it sounds better from.  This thing LOVES Class A power.  That being said, I don't think you've truly heard what the HD600 can do until you've heard it off a balanced rig.  Enter my speaker amp (the Millenia).  I'm floored at just how well the 600 scales.  I've always found it's stage on the intimate side, despite being open backed.  With the Millenia.. it sounds extremely spacious, fast, tonally accurate, and quite effortless.  Without babbling on any more.. I'll leave it at this:
I don't miss the HD800 one bit.
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^You won't find me selling or giving away my HD600 ever again.

Amazing out of McIntosh MC2150 and the Balancing Act. Bottlehead Crack Kit in the house to be built...
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  Well, that makes me even more annoyed with seeing it. It's towards the lower part of the innards, It's on the strut that runs up the middle from the bottom.

Mine has one on the bottom left hand side as you've described. Mine are new :) 
It's probably an authenticity sticker.
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Well, thanks for that. Makes me feel better that I'm not alone and that it's not something that got stuck in there by mistake.
Don't you think it looks horrible though? Mine isn't even symmetrically positioned.

I thought it was weird that it was only on one side.. 
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Too much crack talk
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  I've e-mailed Sennheiser to ask what it signifies. I'll post any answer I receive.
Apart from that, after only about 8 hours of audition, I'm delighted with everything – sound and comfort are terrific.

Nice one :)

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