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Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, Feb 6, 2011.
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  1. Moondragon84
    I am also thinking of getting HD 600 or 650. I heared that the 600 bass have more attack but the 650 is more like "boom". I only have Fidelio x2 but the treble on medium volumes is too much for me so i want something more neutral. I am listening all kind of music, everyting from the 80s pop to metal. I hear the 600 is more relaxing and easier to listen to fora longer periods. How does the 600 handle all that?

    Also, i am curious since these headphones gets a lot of praise and i want to hear why.
  2. gefski
    Though I find both to have a forward (row "A") presentation, the 650 is, for me, a bit more relaxed. Whether that is because of a moderate bass warmth, I can't say.
  3. Cho Worsh
    I have owned the HD600 since they first came out many years ago. I have also owned the HD6XX (same as HD650) which I sold because I preferred the HD600.

    This old article has some good info on the sound of the HD600 and HD650:

    I recently bought the Verum 1 which are discussed in another thread on head-fi.org (and elsewhere online). I suggest you consider the Verum 1 which I find to be just as sensational as the reviewer does in this recent review which you may find helpful (presented by long time CNET reviewer Steve Guttenberg) comparing the Verum 1 and Sennheiser HD6XX:
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  4. singleended5863
    Anyone in this thread did replace the stock ear pads with Dekoni leather ear pad or different ones and how are they improving the SQ of HD 600 differently or not at all? Thank you.
  5. Cho Worsh
    I tried all versions of the Dekoni pads for my HD600 and I thought they changed the sound a lot compared to the stock pads.

    I was so accustomed to the sound of the stock HD600 pads that I decided to return the Dekoni pads for a refund. But I was impressed by how well made the Dekonis pads are.

    Here is some info on measurements of the Dekoni and the stock pads that you may have already seen: https://dekoniaudio.com/frequency-response-curve-new-dekoni-sennheiser-hd600-pads/
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  6. singleended5863

    I see in the Massdrop website they have other kind of ear pads and don’t know it they are worth to buy.
  7. DavidA
    If the X2 is a bit bright to you the HD600 might not be a good choice since for me the small peak at 4.5khz bothered me at times but its dependent on the individual. Another thing to consider with either the HD600 or HD650 is that their high 300ohm impedance makes them a bit harder to drive than the new HD660S or HD58X so I'd suggest looking at these first
  8. yangian
    You are the only person I saw sensitive to the 4.5khz peak.
  9. Strat1117
    I did not like the fenestrated sheepskin on my hd600s, because I found them to sound too polite, however those pads sound great on my modified 580’s, helping them sound a little more refined. The hybrid pads, on the other hand, IMO, sound fantastic on the hd600s. It’s been too long since I changed them for me to give you specifics on how they improved the sound, but I do prefer them overall to the original pads, both for comfort and for sound.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019
  10. Strat1117
    They won’t work great off an iPhone, but even a modest amp will run them wonderfully. I’ve gotten wonderful sound from my 580’s and 600’s through everything from a creek OBH-11/2 to a Schiit Lyr to a Burson Soloist SL, each of which is reasonably affordable. My son has a pair of 58X, which are a bargain at the price, and he just runs them off his laptop, etc. and they do great, but imo they’re not quite as ‘sophisticated’ sounding as the 600s (which I do not mean to sound judgmental - many find the 600s too buttoned down and they might find the 150 ohm models to be an improvement).
  11. miguel.yarce
    I have the 58x and I really like them, and looking fwd for a 600s, do you think that will be an improvement? I'll use them with a sony wm1a.
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  12. Strat1117
    I’m not personally familiar with the Sony, but all of their products are generally very good. I prefer my 600s to my son’s 58x, although I could live happily with either one. The 58x are a little more bouncy and fun, the 600s a little more refined and buttoned down, which can also be heard by some as a little dull if you don’t give them enough juice. If you're listening to jazz, small scale classical or well-recorded acoustic music in general, you’ll probably prefer the intimacy of the 600s. If you’re listening to hard rock or hip-hop, you might prefer the macro dynamic gregariousness and bloomier bass of the 58x. The good thing about having both is you get to choose which ones to put on at any given time, depending upon your mood and what you’re listening to. Right at this moment, I’m listening to Bill Frisell and Thomas Morgan on my 20+ year old, slightly modified pair of 580 Precisions, powered by an original Schiit Lyr with a pair of National (Japanese Panasonic) 7dj8 tubes in it and it’s just magical. Enjoy!!
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
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  13. dakanao
    Or an HD 6xx for hard rock/hiphop
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  14. miguel.yarce
    Thanks! I´m not a hip-hop or rap fan actually, but I Enjoy Classic Rock some Heavy Metal but my Favorite is Jazz Blues and Folk so I'll look forward to get a pair of these 600s. Thanks for sharing!
  15. BobG55
    Te gustarán Son excelentes auriculares. (Google translation ~ traducción de Google)
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