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Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, Feb 6, 2011.
  1. DavidA
    One thing about oval pads, for me if the clamping force is too high it will give me headaches, with circular pads even with high clamping forces I don't seem to get headaches.  Still like the "D" shape of the HD-700/800 better.  All LCD series give me a dull pain on the top of my head due to weight and my head shape not matching the curvature of the headband.
  2. Midgetguy
    I've heard that before. Some say it's due to the exact spot at which the oval pads are contacting your head and jaw combined with the clamping force. I luckily haven't had that issue. I will absolutely agree though that I like the D-shape pads of the HD700/800 more. They're super comfy! I've always felt the LCD series to be a little too heavy and I wasn't completely happy with the EL8 cuz of how the headband runs along my head; was just a bit too tight even though the earpads were in the right spot.
  3. UtopiaB
    Problem is what you're saying is not correct, it's a hyperbole comeback based in rhetoric, whereas what I said was correct, just saying, bro.
  4. madwolfa
    I really wish it was a hyperbole.
  5. wahsmoh
    I like the TH-X00. It is what the HD600 would sound like if it was closed and had subbass. Voicing is very good and treble is pretty extended and not sibilant. Also the "openness" is very good for a closed can. I have kind of set aside my HD600s for the TH-X00 cause I can go back and forth between genres and not lose out on really anything. The HD600s are IMO much more suited for instruments and "real" music. Dance, electronic music, hiphop/rap, trap, can really be tested with the TH-X00 without losing on overall balance or having extreme cup colorations like some other bassy closed cans.
    The stock pads on the TH-X00 though are @#%$. I couldn't wear those without having ear pain after an hour. I threw on some lambskin Mr. Speakers Alpha pads and the comfort level went way up and I didn't feel they messed with the sound very much.. moved the drivers further away from my ears so soundstage got deeper also.
  6. PaneraiMan
    Compared hd600 I got from bro in law to dt770 80 and 250 model , Sony 7506, Ettys er4, Philips shp9500, and hd600 takes the cake. So warm and revealing and just perfect. And most comfortable. I see why these are believed. I wonder how hd650 sound. I read they are even darker and more bass as bass on 600 is a bit on a lower end
  7. Midgetguy
    Hey! Kanye made good music! As long as we're talking about more than 6 years ago. Cuz he hasn't made any good music in the past 6 years [​IMG]. But it's mostly true. Because if anything, the majority of people don't know what's good because they haven't experienced what's good. We like to think we know what's good, but until we experience it, we don't. And those who haven't experienced anything beyond things like Beats don't know what's good in the headphone game. They haven't experienced the true beauty of sound.
    And as much consensus as there is, there will always be differences in agreement on aesthetic taste, just like there is in choice of sound quality. Why? This entire hobby is subjective. There are few true facts in such a reality; one of the few things that are facts are frequency measurements. Things that aren't on the list are aesthetics and musical preference.
  8. DavidA
    I find your comparisons interesting since you have both closed and open headphones which are by design going to sound quite different and serve different segments of the market.
  9. DavidA
    Agree with you on the part where many don't know what's good but its not only experiences, a lot is also advertising influenced and these days a simple tweet/instagram/post can quickly sway public opinions.
    If there was any kind of consensus on aesthetic taste or sound signature there would be far less choices available since manufactures will not be really willing to risk going out side the box.
  10. PaneraiMan

    I agree. All different but I meant in general the sound they produced in my ear and comfort while doing so is no match.
  11. DavidA
    One issue I have when people do comparison is many times various headphones are compared on only one system which may or may not favor one headphone over the other.  An example would be using a OTL to compare the HD-600 with the MDR-7506 and SHP-9500, the advantage is clearly with the HD-600 due to the design of the amp, but it would be just as un-fair to compare the HD-600 using only the headphone output of a smart phone with the MDR-7506/SHP-9500.
  12. yangian
    Agree. When comparing different headphones, one might need to compare on different systems which is best for each one for fair play.
  13. Midgetguy
    Fair would be to pit each headphone together with each one at their best and that does mean having the right system powering each one. It's why it's important to note for comparison purposes what the sound system is. Like, on my system, the HD600 is the most balanced overall with the right amount of sweetness fitting my personal sound preference for long listening sessions. In the same system, the TH-X00 is also the most fun headphone I own while the HE560 is my most technically superior headphone. That's all running from the same system so it's important to note that those are my findings, it's equally important to note those are my findings on that particular setup. It could completely change with a different setup.
  14. Tadamn

    Is it available in golden color? My local shop said that it isn't.
  15. Argyris Contributor
    It is if you paint it. [​IMG]
    Apart from that, if you want an HD 600, you'd better learn to love the look of fake marble. That is unless you're lucky enough to find an HD 580 Jubilee, which is basically an HD 600 in carbon fiber. It was a special release to celebrate Sennheiser's 50th anniversary in 1995, and as such has been out of production for a long time. It's a collector's item, and examples in good condition usually go for a premium over what you'd pay for even a new HD 600. It ain't gold, but at least it's different.
    I'm curious. Why exactly do you want a golden HD 600?

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