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Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by windsor, Feb 6, 2011.
  1. UtopiaB
    It's like a Bentley, a little oversized and lacking modern edginess, but a bold imposing stature and classy appearance.
    The 800S is the best-looking headphone i've ever seen, but I don't know why Senny couldn't give a new 600 the same design.
  2. martinrajdl

    Oh wow, I couldn't disagree more. Just speaking out my opinion, but I think that would just ruin them. I just happen to think that the HD800s design is one of the worst designs on over 1000$ headphones.
  3. PinkyPowers

    I agree with you. The HD700 and 800 look silly to me, like sci-fi toys meant for ten-year-olds. Luckily, their sound isn't up my alley either, so I don't need to suffer them. :D

    Now, the Audeze LCD series... that's luxury. That's beauty. And the sound is exactly my bag.


    Photo taken from my just-posted LCD-2 review, in which I compare it heavily to the HD600.
  4. martinrajdl

    Exactly![​IMG] The HD800s and HD700s just don't look like a premium product at all in my opinion. The plastic is super obvious and the overall design is just super tacky and too modern for the sake of being different. And the LCD line looks just ridiculously good, luxurious with all the wood, metal and leather - you even proved that with this awesome picture [​IMG] .
    OMW to read the review now. This comparison is something I've been looking for since the LCD2s are on my radar for a while now. 
  5. Arttt
    hd600 looks cool, i really like its retro looks and minimalistic design , great pair of studio phones!
    by the way , i think there is a fancy word for what hd600 looks like , just don't remember it right now ... its when designer on purpose lowers authentic / looks of a product and keeps high quality - in hd600 its the sound , its a german thing )
  6. DavidA
    All this talk of the aesthetic design of headphones got me thinking that maybe that's why there are very few females in this hobby.  Having  some friends that used to be fashion models in their younger days I asked them about headphones that they would consider purchasing and it was interesting that all liked smaller ones like the Momentum on-ear or VModa XS.  The Momentums also have some female appeal due to the various colors that they are offered in.  I gave 6 Momentum on-ears as birthday and x-mas gifts last year since they were really cheap due to the next generation coming out.  Another thing is that since most females have long hair they have a much harder getting a good fit and when taking them off their hair get tangled in the yokes and around ear cups.
    The LCD series has another disadvantage in that they are heavy, all my female friends and GF can't stand the weight for more than a few minutes no matter how good they sound but the wood makes them look high end designer.  The girls also agree that the HD-800/700 are too Star Trek looking, the HE-400i/560 are decent looking, wood cup Grado's are nice and rich looking but very uncomfortable, Beyer T1 and DT-990 premium are so-so, HD-600/650 are ok looking, just wouldn't be caught using one since it makes their face look fat (their description), K7XX is not bad looking but wouldn't use it, and EL8 is nice and classy looking but also to heavy.
  7. Mambosenior
    I actually foresee a future where there will be electronic implants available by the likes of Sennheiser, Sony and others (Hifiman?). These implants will have, of course, wireless connectivity, tweakable parameters, and also have the option of cutting out all sound, when desired. I don't think it's too far off.
  8. PinkyPowers

    Sounds expensive to upgrade. I think I'll hold off on the Sennheiser BioPhone implant. :wink:
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  9. audiojun
    Beats makes a good necklace.
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  10. Argyris Contributor
    I tend to prefer utilitarian looking stuff to artistically designed equipment. I think the reason for this is I've developed an appreciation for how tough, well-built equipment looks because it's consistently the class of equipment I've gained the most satisfaction from over the years. There's nothing more annoying to me than buying something, then having to replace it because it broke. Build quality and durability are very important to me; I recently cancelled an order for the RE-400 because of the alarmingly high number of complaints about its reliability.
    I'm not saying you can't make an artistic design out of durable materials; it's more a market demographic thing. Working professionals who buy stuff that meets their performance needs and can take a beating usually don't care what their equipment looks like, so manufacturers don't bother prettying it up. They also won't sacrifice performance for aesthetic reasons, meaning if there's an odd-looking design quirk that's necessary to achieve a performance target, they won't choose to forsake it or accept a lower-performing alternative design.
  11. DavidA

    You don't want to be part of the Borg collective?[​IMG]
  12. Arttt
    i remember my first hifi headphone , it was Beyerdynamic dt440 , first impression when seller took it out of the box for me was -  haaaaahhhh? this is premium german hifi headphone for 160 eu ?  By that time i thought 160eu was crazy lotsssss of money to pay for a headphone )))
    the looks were horrible  , comfort to , but it sounds amazing , i remember i stood next to meridian high end player with cables 10 times the price of headphone itself and there was some amp i don't remember  ... i was listening to depeche mode , deftones and some vivaldi , all i know is - time stopped and i was mezmorised and hypnotized how vocals sounded , all the body warmth and details , all that air .....i think i stod there for whole hour just switching tracks forgetting about time...
    on higher end gear  dt440 scaled a lot , still one of the most impressive reproduction of guitar entering of Deftones - now you seen the butcher , i can remember.
    sure i heard better headphones by now but was i as much impressed by a headphone as i did with dt440 when i heard hifi can for a first time , i don't think so )
    so no thanks to implants , i will be an old guy sitting in some comfy retro chair that can't float in the air like that air-bord from Back to the future movie  , and listening to retro headphones )
  13. PinkyPowers

    I'm more partial to Cybermen.

  14. DavidA

    Is that the next generation Abyss or HD-600?
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  15. bosiemoncrieff

    How much of this applies to desktop class headphones? Obviously if you're in public, the Abyss is going to turn some heads, and sure, even the Bose QC 25/35 is big and looks like Dell's industrial design team vomited something into the shape of a headphone. But I think the K3003i (and 391nc) look staid and professional.
    RE HD600: every time I come back to them, I'm impressed by how much they can do. No, they're not the HD800s, and the soundstage is lacking, but wow! What a great tone!

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